One-Time Timed Event Champs

Olie Smith, Mike Beers, Bobby Harris, Paul David Tierney and Josh Peek are the only one-time TEC champs

There are some pretty big names who’ve only won the Cinch Timed Event Championships once. In addition to Olie Smith, Mike Beers, the 1984 world champion team roper, won the CTEC in 1986. Josh Peek, who’s been to the NFR six times, three as a steer wrestler and three as a calf roper, won it in 2010. When Peek won, he told Spin To Win Rodeo, “It was very satisfying to win the Timed Event this year. To get through it and get it done was a big deal to me. This is prestigious to me as winning a world all-around title because all of those events are pretty excruciating on your body. That I’m only the 11th guy to win this event in 26 years says it all right there.”

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