Q&A with Rowdy Jones, Tupelo, Okla.
Rowdy Jones, 15, won three divisions at the USTRC’s Chisholm Trail Classic, banking $1,736.

What was the secret to your hot streak? I entered with a bunch of good heelers.

#12: Rowdy Jones (Tupelo, OK) / Braden Johnson (Fox, OK), 41.76, $1,400

How do you know you partners? I’ve roped with Derrick at goat ropings and jackpots, and I won the #13 with my dad. We used to rope together a lot when I was younger, and we went on a dry spell for about three years, and we finally got it back together. Braden—I high school rodeo with him, he’s my team roping partner. We rope together a lot and go to a lot of jackpots.

#13: Rowdy Jones (Tupelo, OK) / Brock Jones (Tupelo, OK), 38.25, $1,250

What horses did you ride? I rode both of my head horses—my mare, Stitch, and I rode my big bay, Brute.

What are you planning to do with the money? I put the money in the bank, and I’ll keep some of it to rope on.

#15: Rowdy Jones (Tupelo, OK) / Derrick Jantzen (Ames, OK), 33.2, $820 Photos by 3 Lazy J

Are you going to enter the Cinch National Finals of Team Roping? I’ll go to the US Finals. I’ve got five or six runs. 

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