Whether you have 10 minutes or 10 hours to binge team roping instructional videos, you’re bound to learn something from the Roping.com coaches that will improve your skills. Here’s where we suggest you begin your deep dive ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

1. Stay Driven

Watch here.

Patrick Smith’s STAY DRIVEN is the ultimate team roping instructional video, exploring the partnership element of the richest recreational sport in the world. STAY DRIVEN breaks down the elements that make a header and heeler successful together, teaching ropers how to build a run as a team to catch more steers clean, win more ropings and get more out of their time in the arena. Over three hours of instruction, with special guests Tanner Tomlinson, Tyler Wade, Wesley Thorp and Junior Nogueira, STAY DRIVEN uses never-before-seen camera angles and visual technology to give ropers a deeper understanding of how to win in team roping than ever before.

2. Driven  2.0

Watch here.

While made 10 years ago, Driven 2.0 remains Roping.com’s most-watched instructional video. Along with detailed roping instruction, Patrick Smith talks about what it takes to make a career out of rodeo. He provides tips on how to handle the roller coaster ride that comes with competing, attitude, mental game, what it takes to get sponsors, and much more.

3. DT Horses’ Circle Drill Masterclass

Watch here.

At DT Horses, ground zero for heel horses revolves around circle drills. Dean Tuftin explains how and why he uses circle drills on the dummy and live cattle to train young horses and help them gain confidence. Part of a 12-part masterclass, this video breaks down the fundamental theory behind Tuftin’s training program. 

4. Practice Session on The Darkk Side

Watch here.

Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker have fan-favorite futurity horses, and in this training session the Relentless Remuda talks about sharpening up some of their favorites, including the famed stallion The Darkk Side. Brazile explains how he refines scoring and facing, and Baker heels on one of their older horses to talk about maintaining a good one.

5. Hox and Pipe Sawhorse Session 

Watch here.

Nine-time NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz believes the heel loop is never thrown; instead, he says it’s placed in position. As part of his team ropers’ fantasy factory masterclass, de la Cruz talks about how to finesse his heel loop to the ground with his fingertips without even swinging the rope. This is part of a day-long series with de la Cruz reviewing his full practice routine, from the ground dummy to goats and donkeys to live steers.


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