Cover-All Provides Ideal Environment for Riding Horses

Horse enthusiasts and high school students can be found riding on the pastures at Lori DeHaan’s 20-acre ranch in Hudsonville, Michigan. DeHaan’s Cover-All TITAN building has been the center of attention on her property since its installation two years ago.

“We really, really like it because it’s large and airy and bright. Most of the time we don’t need lights on,” says DeHaan.

DeHaan enjoys opening up her Cover-All arena to the local equine community.

“We’ve had the local High School Equestrian team practicing here for four or five years,” says DeHaan. Cover-All’s unique sound dampening effect has had a positive impact on coaching. “When there’s a group in here, the coach can stand in the middle of the arena and just speak in a normal voice and all the kids can hear her talking.”

Cover-All’s clear-span interior has allowed DeHaan to park her truck, horse trailer, and carriage inside without any difficulty.

“It all fits in here just nice,” she said. “We can load our stuff in the horse trailer in the weather. We appreciate that a lot. Some days you want to leave and it’s stormy.”

DeHaan is also impressed with Cover-All’s ability to withstand the adverse and often times unpredictable weather elements in Michigan. The high-performance DuraWeave fabric membrane is strong enough to keep out Michigan’s snow, rain, and high winds.

“Some days we open all the doors of the arena and we can come in and out of the arena if it gets a little warm or the weather changes on us.”

DeHaan’s Cover-All building can be identified by its colored fabric. “We went with colors. All around is the blue color about half way up. And on each end we have the color.”

Giving riders the ability to practice and ride without constraints is important to DeHaan.

“People are just thrilled that they can come in and out of the arena. They’re not used to having an arena, so this is a real treat.” says DeHaan.

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