Tate Kirchenschlager is the 2021 American Rope Horse Futurity Association Champion Header as well as the trainer of the 2019 AQHA/PRCA Head Horse of the Year. He made the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2019 and since then, he’s been laser-focused on making user-friendly horses for ropers of every level—making him the perfect addition to the Roping.com coaching lineup.

In his new series on Roping.com, Kirchenschlager takes viewers, horse-by-horse, through a day at his Stephenville, Texas, training facility, covering every aspect of his program and his expectations of horses every step of the way.

In his new series on Roping.com, Kirchenschlager covers every aspect of his training program. | TRJ File Photo

“Tate grew up in a ranching family, and he’s already made some of the best head horses in the sport,” Team Roping Journal Editor Chelsea Shaffer said. “In this series, he rides horses that could go to the NFR and horses getting ready for World Series ropers, addressing everyday problems ropers face with a common-sense approach.”

Kirchenschlager’s series is only available on Roping.com, the online training resource for team ropers. In addition to thousands of videos and exclusive roping films in your back pocket, members get private access to World Champion coaches like Jake Barnes, Matt Sherwood, Miles Baker, 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile and more every day. 

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About Tate Kirchenschalger

NFR header and ARHFA World Champ Tate Kirchenschlager, 30, of Stephenville, Texas, has a new trouble-shooting series rolling out on Roping.com this month. Use code TATE15 to save 15% off your subscription in the new year to start your horsemanship off with a bang with the NFR header who’s won the AQHA/PRCA Head Horse of the Year title and an American Rope Horse Futurity Association World Championship.