New URSA Contractor Wagon

A clean and well-ventilated environment is critical to the health of your horse. One way to be sure the stalls are cleaned quickly and completely is to have the proper tools on hand. The easier it is to get in there and clean out the stalls efficiently and completely, the greater the likelihood that the stalls are kept consistently clean.

The Ursa wagon’s patented design and durable construction holds up to the toughest jobs. Large wheels and high ground clearance help the wagon roll right across rough terrain while being pulled by hand or with a small tractor.

When it comes time to empty the load, Ursa’s Ergo Pivot uses the rearward weight of the load as a counter-force to easily tilt the dump box all the way past 90°. All of the contents are removed in a singular, effortless motion.

Safety was designed into the Ursa Wagon. There are no sharp or unfinished edges on the wagon to injure an inquisitive or skittery horse. Because Ursa Wagons are so nimble and easy to use, your facility is protected from the scratches and dents on stall doors and walls that come from hard to handle equipment. The ergonomic design of the wagons keep people safe too by reducing back and shoulder strain.

Now a new model, the Ursa Contractor, takes it up a couple of notches with a thicker dump box and heavy-duty wheels. The Ursa Contractor is available with a choice of two types of tires; a heavy-duty pneumatic turf tread tire or a microcellular foam never-flat tire. Both types of tires are on a solid steel hub with ball bearings and grease fittings. Either choice rolls easily over rough ground and obstacles with a full, unencumbered 14″ of ground clearance.

Ursa Wagons are made right here in the USA from corrosion-resistant powder coated steel and an extra-thick polymer dump box with UV inhibitors built right in. Strong, safe and durable, you can count on Ursa Wagons.

For more, visit, or call (866) 877-2744.

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