Fix It: Scoring Suggestion with Tate Kirchenschlager

“When a green horse doesn’t score well in a practice session, I’m not going to crucify him.” 

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When Tate Kirchenschlager runs into scoring problems on head horses or any issues in the box, he doesn’t make it a fight. Here’s the ARHFA World Champ’s simple step-by-step guide to problem-solving box issues.

Step 1:

If he just pulls through my hand, I’ll walk him up and back him off my hand a little bit and back him back into the corner. 

Step 2:

Then I’ll score another one, just to make sure that correction worked. 

Tate Kirchenschlager Scoring

Step 3:

If he still moves around on the second steer, I’ll hold him in the bridle with my feet into him until he breaks at the pole and submits to the pressure. 

Step 4:

Then I’ll let him walk forward, and back up again to reset. 

Step 5:

Then we’ll go ahead and run the next one.

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