How-To: Winning the 2021 Indian National Finals Rodeo Team Roping Short Round with Erich Rogers
Erich Rogers's step-by-step breakdown on how he won the 2021 Indian National Finals Short Round with Aaron Tsinigine.


2021 Indian National Finals Rodeo Short Round

All we had to do was be 8.3. So we were just trying to go catch. I wasn’t in any hurry to win anything. After the calf roping, I knew I had a chance at the All-Around if we won something in the team roping. I knew I had to place higher up in the team roping to get some points and win the average. Our deal was to be aggressive, but not do anything outrageous.

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3.55 seconds


Won the go-round and the average, netting $3,910 each, plus another $7,310 for placing in every round.

a) Tsinigine:

I told him it’s one-a-day in Las Vegas, so that’s all he needed to worry about. I told him we just had to rope the first one every day, and that’s what he did.

b) Steer:

That steer was pretty strong and maybe a hair to the left. He was real straight and broke strong and good.

c) Shot:

I was a coil away probably. The start was simple—see them start and come on with it. It wasn’t “score them out there a ways”—it’s pretty much “nod and go.” As long as you saw him start, you had a chance.

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d) Horse:

That’s a new mare I bought two weeks before the Indian Finals. Her name is Beth, and she’s 8. She came from Jaime and Kirby Anderson. That was our first rodeo together, and she’s pretty easy to be around and ride around. She didn’t know what was going on, so I did more pulling than riding. She scores phenomenal, runs hard, and I had to pull on her a little to get to go where I wanted her to go. 

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