Your Team Roping Binge: Top 5 Most-Watched Videos This Week
Here are the top 5 most binge-able team roping videos right now on, powered by The Team Roping Journal.

Roping.comnow powered by The Team Roping Journal, offers new videos every week on skills ropers want to work on, plus live streams and archived content from some of the biggest ropings in the country. Plus, we’ve got the industry’s best horsemanship experts to make sure your mount is at the top of his game no matter where you’re headed next. 

Here are the most-watched videos this week: 

Full Ground Dummy Roping Session with Clay Smith.

1. Full Ground Dummy Roping Session

Get a full dummy roping lesson from two-time World Champion Clay Smith, straight from the Pitzer Ranch indoor arena.

Bit Master Class with Joseph Harrison.

2. Joseph Harrison’s Bit Master Class

Joseph Harrison walks us through his go-to bit collection for head and heel horses.
Cowboy-Friendly Horse Care with Lane Ivy and Kirby Blakenship.

3. Cowboy-Friendly Horse Care

Walking the line between babying your horses and over-using your horses can be tough. Lane Ivy and Kirby Blankenship talk common-sense team roping horse care.

Tying to the Right Fence: A Roper’s Desensitization Method with Dakota Kirchenschlager.

4. Tying to the Right Fence: A Roper’s Desensitization Method

Dakota Kirchenschlager explains method allows him to desensitize those horses while testing the attention span of the ones he’s riding.

Top Team Ropers Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager Join in New Training Video Series

Stirrup Length with Cody Snow.

5. Stirrup Length

Cody Snow reviews how he likes his stirrups adjusted when heading. Launches New Training Video Series with World Champion Team Roper Wesley Thorp, Standout Heeler Hunter Koch and 2019 NFR Average Champion Cody Snow

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