Last of the Fireworks: Top Money Earners Heading into the Final Hours of the Fourth Run
Current top money earners over the Fourth and predictions for the long run as Cowboy Christmas comes to an end.
Junior Noguiera after winning the 2023 Reno Rodeo. Click Thompson photo.
Junior Noguiera, 2023 Reno Rodeo. Click Thompson photo.

The curtain has closed on the Canadian Cowboy Christmas rodeos, giving a good look at who sits in the driver’s seat as we embark on the final hours of the Fourth run. Based on money won, here’s a look at who has put together the richest 2023 Fourth-of-July runs unofficially thus far, and who is still in the conversation.

As of July 4, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. CST . 

Erich Rogers & Paul Eaves

Erich Rogers and Paul Eaves lead the pack with $20,327 each, won at the Ponoka Stampede (Alberta) alone. Their second-place finish in the second round brought them each $4,031. They won the Finals for $2,000 each, finished second in the average for $6,046 a man and took the 2023 Ponoka Stampede title winning the Showdown Round, worth $8,250 each.

  • Ponoka Stampede, Second Round, Second Place: 5.2 seconds, $4,031 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, Finals, First Place: 5.0 seconds, $2,000 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, Average, Second Place: 18.0, $6,046 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, Showdown, First Place: 6.9 seconds; $8,250 each

Dawson & Dillon Graham

Brothers Dawson and Dillon Graham from Wainwright, Alberta, have been dominant on their home turf in Canada but have also put their names on leaderboards in the States. The Grahams got their first check of Cowboy Christmas at the Greeley Stampede (Colorado). Their 4.5-second run split second in the first round, good enough for $3,147.00 a man. In Ponoka, they finished third in the first round for $3,426 each, tied for third in the Finals for $750 each and first in the average for $6,953 a man. They also won $2,761 at the Williams Lake Stampede (Alberta) for fourth place. Their Fourth-of-July total (each) is currently $14,276.00.

  • Greeley Stampede, First Round, Tied for Second Place: 4.5 seconds, $3,147 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, First Round, Third Place: 5.6 seconds, $3,426 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, Finals, Tie for Third Place: 5.9 seconds, $750 each
  • Ponoka Stampede, Average, First Place: 17.8 seconds on three head, $6,953 each
  • Williams Lake Stampede, Fourth Place: 6.1 seconds, $2,761 each

Kaleb Driggers & Junior Nogueira

The reigning world champs are no strangers to successful summer runs. Driggers and Nogueira have $14,194 won over Cowboy Christmas currently. They won the first round in Ponoka for $4,635 a man and third in the first round at the St. Paul Rodeo (Oregon) worth $3,052 a man. At the World’s Oldest Rodeo (Prescott, Arizona), Driggers and Nogueira won third in the first round, worth $2,329 each, seventh in the second round for $685 a man and third in the average for $3,493 each.

  • Ponoka Stampede, First Round, First Place: 5.1 seconds, $4,635 each
  • St. Paul Rodeo, First Round, Third Place: 4.6 seconds, $3,052 each
  • World’s Oldest Rodeo, First Round, Third Place: 6.5 seconds, $2,329 each
  • World’s Oldest Rodeo, Second Round, Seventh Place: 6.8 seconds, $685 each
  • World’s Oldest Rodeo, Average, Third Place: 13.3 seconds, $3,493 each

Who else to keep an eye out for

Cody Snow and Jade Corkill took a huge win in Prescott, winning fourth in the first round, tying for second in the second round and winning the average. They now have $12,604 won over Cowboy Christmas thus far.

Luke Brown and Hunter Koch have accumulated $10,716 so far over Cowboy Christmas, and they currently sit No. 1 in the second round of the St. Paul Rodeo (Oregon), which is paying $4,129 to win the rounds. If they secure the win, they’ll have $14,845 in Cowboy Christmas earnings, putting them toward the top.

Dustin Egusquiza and Levi Lord have also kept their names on the leaderboards around the country over the Fourth. They have $7,243 won so far, but they are also sitting second at the Oakley Independence Day Rodeo (Utah). In 2022, second in Oakley paid $3,024, so if that rodeo pays close to the same, they’ll climb even higher in the Cowboy Christmas race.  

For full Cowboy Christmas results: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cowboy Christmas

Catch more updates here at The Team Roping Journal as the Fourth-of-July run keeps rolling. Our coverage of the ProRodeo world standings is presented all year by CSI Saddlepads: Custom designed saddle pads, made for you and for the horse. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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