All Girl

Lorraine Moreno
Money Heel Shot Lands Lorraine Moreno’s WRWC Qualification
Lorraine Moreno heeled four steers behind Beverly Robbins to win the Amarillo All-Girl Roping and punch her last-chance ticket into the Women’s Rodeo World Championship in the team roping.
Women's Rodeo World Championship team ropers Beverly Johnson and Jessy Remsburg rope a steer to win the 2022 Amarillo All-Girl Roping.
The Team Ropers Going for $60K at the 2022 Women's Rodeo World Championship
With its last stop complete at the Amarillo All-Girl Roping, the final list of Women’s Rodeo World Championship Qualifiers has been determined.
Angelone and Lowman Win Women's Rodeo World Championship Progressive Round
The Women's Rodeo World Championship team roping progressive round results and the list of the top 16 teams to rope in the WRWC semi-finals.
Jackie Crawford
To Dally or Not to Dally?
It seems like a no-brainer—if you can tie on instead of dallying, why wouldn’t you? But the answer isn’t quite as simple as it looks on the surface. WPRA elites Jackie Crawford and Kelsie Chace break down scenarios when tying on fits, and when it doesn’t.
First-Timer Avery Foegelle Advances to Women’s Rodeo World Championship
High school header Avery Foegelle qualified to rope in the 2021 WRWC in Las Vegas after winning the Open Fast-Track qualifier in Hamilton, Texas, with heeler, Jessy Remsburg.
Chace Hitting 2021 in High Gear
Kelsie Chace is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4 talking about breakaway roping, heeling, horsepower and more, brought to you by the Durango.
Roping's Soft-Spoken Wolf: Annette Stahl
Team roping icon Annette Stahl is soft spoken, but one of those ladies you listen to when she speaks. Here you will learn about just who Annette Stahl really is and where she sits in the industry.
Guy and Stahl bank $52K at Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping
At the Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Challenge Team Roping on March 17 in Guthrie’s Lazy E Arena, Hall-of-Fame cowgirl Lari Dee Guy won first with Annette Stahl and second with last year’s champ, Whitney DeSalvo, to take home $28,375 to Abilene, Texas.
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