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Addressing Box Issues with Miles Baker

Where do head box issues really come from, and how do the best in the world address them?

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Box Work with Rhen Richard

Ride into the Box

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Is There a Right Way to Ride into the Head Box?

Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk about the way they ride their horses into the head box.

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Success From the Start: Position Leaving the Box

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp discuss how they set their run up leaving the box to maximize their catch percentages.

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Troubleshooting Squatting in the Corner with Brenten Hall

Hall discusses what he does when he feels his head horse leaning in the corner of the box.

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Fresh-Horse Box Work

There's no need to pick a fight with a fresh head horse—especially if you know the horse inside and out. Starting your practice session off by allowing your head horse to settle in can be the best way to set your practice up for success, says horse trainer Bert McGill.


Ryan Motes’ Step-By-Step Heel Horse Box Work Tips

With more and more people training and riding young horses, it’s important for us to be aware of how we handle those young horses in the box. There are tried-and-true strategies for keeping your young heel horses comfortable and calm in the box that will let you do your job as a heeler and keep your horses working for years to come.

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Finding Your Focus in the Box with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4 with a mental performance segment, brought to you by, powered by The Team Roping Journal.

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