Brooke Wilson

Wilsons are 2/2 After “Honkey Tonk” Tops The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio for $160K
Brooke and Rodey Wilson are two-for-two on high sellers at The Horse Sale at Rancho Rio after consigning 2015 gelding TRR Kadabra Kat to online buyer Javier Rodriguez for $160,000 at the 2023 event..
Riata Buckle Handi-Lo #10.5 Futurity Champions: Brooke Wilson and Tripp Townsend
Brooke Wilson and Tripp Townsend on "The Score," with Dru Stewart, brought to you by Bimeda.
Riata Buckle #10.5 Futurity Champions Brooke Wilson Tripp Townsend
Cowboy Stuff: Wilson and Townsend Notch Historic Riata Buckle #10.5 Futurity Title
Wilson and Townsend bring using horses to town for Riata Buckle's $62K futurity title.
Where Did That $200K Head Horse Come From?
Brooke Wilson sold the 2013 gelding Sportin Roscoe to Colorado header Shayne O'Hotto at the 2022 Horse Sale at Rancho Rio for $200,000. Here's how that chestnut gelding came to bring near-record money.