Cesar De La Cruz
Mike Jackson and Charly Crawford with America’s Warrior Roping’s Cesar de la Cruz and Shane Wohlfert.
Salute to Veterans
Armor Officer Shane Wohlfert Applies Logistics Training to Organize First-Ever America’s Warrior Roping with Cesar de la Cruz and Matt Sherwood 
Cesar de la Cruz at the 2014 NFR.
Team Roper’s Fantasy Factory
9X NFR Heeler Cesar de la Cruz Joins Roping.com with Start-to-Finish Heeling Series
standing shoulder to shoulder behind a table: 2022 PRCA Rookie of the Year Junior Zambrano, Brandon Brown, Cowgirl Hall of Famer Lari Dee Guy, Brandon Shelton and nine-time NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz.
Other Gig
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Cesar de la Cruz
"Not My Finest Moment" de la Cruz on Mental Game, Bad Attitudes and Changed Behaviors
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Cesar de la Cruz's New Podcasting Gig
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Sunday Binge: 5 Team Roping Podcasts to Binge with Your Kids
Cesar de la Cruz Heeling
What is Backswing and Why Does It Matter?
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Roping's Idols: Cowboy Heroes Who’ve Impacted Today’s Top Talent
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5 ProRodeo Road Trip Stories You've GOT to Hear
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Halter-Broke to NFR-Ready: 5 Top Cowboys Who've Made Their Good Ones from Start to Finish