Cesar de la Cruz’s New Podcasting Gig

de la Cruz's new podcast features guests Dennis Gatz, Michael Calmelat and TRJ editor Chelsea Shaffer.

Last month, Cesar de la Cruz reached out to tell me about his new podcasting venture—the Tolleson-Mack Podcast—with friends Brandon Brown and Brandon Shelton.

Cesar asked if I’d be interested in joining them to talk through my experiences first at Spin To Win Rodeo and now at The Team Roping Journal. Of course, I said yes.

This was one of the first chances I’ve ever had to talk through what the day-to-day is like here at The Team Roping Journal, and it was really fun. Cesar has long been one of my closest confidants in this business, and his friends—both Brandons—had questions I imagine many ropers who read this magazine also have about how things come together and how the team roping industry works on the inside.

So, in this episode of their Tolleson-Mack podcast, recorded in Tolleson, Arizona, in early April, we talk through the transition from Spin To Win Rodeo to The Team Roping Journal, the role of social media in the careers of young ropers, the rise of young Native American and Arizona-native ropers and much more.

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