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Inner Strength

Rodeo Regrets from 8 Team Roping Pros

Renowned ropers gather their reflections on moves they wish they hadn’t made.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Applying Golf’s Positives to Roping with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Golf is a lot like roping, in that your winning percentage is actually pretty low. Ropers at every level can benefit from borrowing that positivity from the game of golf.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Roping Progress Doesn’t Happen Overnight with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Ropers trying to improve and climb the ladder need to realize that none of this happens overnight.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay O’Brien Cooper: Each Generation Learns from the Last

Every generation of ropers learns from the last one. That’s how our sport continues to evolve and advance.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Power of Thinking You Can with Clay O’Brien Cooper

In any sport or avenue in life that a person gets passionately infatuated with, there’s an overboard, fanatical way of looking at it that really propels people to be successful.

Team Ropers

Nogueira Humbled to Be in Such Rare Roping Company

Junior Nogueira's thoughts on Jade Corkill, Clay O'Brien Cooper and Rich Skelton, after viewing a photo captured four years ago at the Wildfire Open to the World Roping in Salado, Texas.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Good Timing is Essential to Success with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper's outlook on how having good timing when heeling is essential to success.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Team Roping at NFR Texas According to Champ

Clay O'Brien Cooper has made 29 trips to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Mentally Managing the NFR with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares how success at the world’s biggest rodeo all boils down to mental state of mind.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Letting Go of What We CAN’T Control with Clay O’Brien Cooper

How do you make a living on such a limited schedule?

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