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3 Long-Awaited Riata Buckle Updates You’ll Hear on The Score Podcast Launching Feb. 3

The team roping industry is waiting impatiently to find out the details on the new Riata Buckle program. Two of the three partners organizing the incentive fund drop some updates on The Team Roping Journal's podcast, The Score, launching February 3, 2022.

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Roping’s Next Frontier: The Riata Buckle and the State of the Rope Horse Futurity Market

Team roping is the richest recreational sport in the world, with numbers on the rise for the last three decades. How could it get any better? Enter the rope horse breeding and futurity industry.

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A Boon for Boomers: MSK Guide’s Regenerative Roping Revolution

In the roping arena, the aging process can manifest itself in myriad ways for ropers. Luckily, there’s a treatment available that just might be the saving grace between hanging up your rope and going under the knife.

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All in a Life’s Work: Denny Gentry and The House He Built

As of Jan. 1, 2020, Denny Gentry will step away from the leadership role for the sport of team roping.

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The Global Evolution: Introducing Global Handicaps

Denny Gentry explains the evolution of the Team Roping Handicap System.

Rodeo Road

The Evolution of Team Roping

Team roping found its origins in cowboys doctoring cattle across the West, with California’s vaqueros leading the charge. That was until a few key players and watershed moments made it the highest-paying Western sport and an industry all its own.

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WSTR UPDATE with Denny Gentry

Denny Gentry's newsletter for the World Series of Team Roping in the June 2019 Issue of TRJ.

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NO NEWS…RANDOM BS with Denny Gentry

Denny Gentry's newsletter for the World Series of Team Roping in the April 2019 Issue of TRJ.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score Season 1, Episode 18 with Denny Gentry

Creator of both the World Series of Team Roping and United States Team Roping Championships, Denny Gentry is an icon who built the team roping industry into the powerhouse it is today.

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