3 Long-Awaited Riata Buckle Updates You'll Hear on The Score Podcast Launching Feb. 3

The team roping industry is waiting impatiently to find out the details on the new Riata Buckle program. Two of the three partners organizing the incentive fund drop some updates on The Team Roping Journal's podcast, The Score, launching February 3, 2022.

To kick off Season 5 of The Score, The Team Roping Journal is tapping Denny Gentry and Lance Robinson to speak out on their Riata Buckle Futurity that’s reshaping the rope horse industry in 2022. 

Full Riata Buckle Stallion List

In this episode, host Chelsea Shaffer talks with Gentry and Robinson about the futurity—set for November 2022—and how the largest rope horse incentive program in the sport came to be. 

1. Will there be an Open at this year’s inaugural Riata Buckle Futurity?

2. How will can stallions not in the Riata Buckle get into the program in the coming years?

3. Is the Riata Buckle REALLY not going to be judged? 

The episode drops Thursday, February 3 and is available anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

The Score enters its fifth season as the team roping industry’s leading podcast, with 1.5 million downloads. Season 5 will feature coverage from roping’s biggest events like the US Finals, the Bob Feist Invitational, the Cinch Timed Event Championships, the NFR and all WCRA majors. Plus, The Score host Chelsea Shaffer will continue to take you deep into issues affecting the growth of the sport, with a continued focus on the development of the rope horse industry. TRJ

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