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Roping Right to Left, with Coleman Proctor

Left to right or both horns at once? Coleman Proctor weighs in.


No Heeler? No Problem. Clay Tryan Talks Solo Practice

Sometimes you might only be able to fit in practice at an off time of day, when nobody is around to heel for you or drive the four-wheeler.

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Avoid Splitting Horns with the Lone Star Frio

Avoid Splitting Horns with the Lone Star Frio

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Target and Position When Roping Right to Left

When roping right to left, the position and target need to match up.

Reaching Fundamentals

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Reaching Fundamentals with Clay Smith

Clay Smith explains how to shorten the margin of error when a run doesn't go as planned.

Clay Smith Riding to Your Target Square

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Riding to Your Target Square

Leaning away from your throw will prevent consistent catching.

Breakover Clay Smith

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Breakover with Clay Smith

Keep power in your swing.

Dummy Roping Routine Clay Smith

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Clay Smith’s Dummy Roping Routine

Roping the dummy is crucial for improving your roping skills.

Clay Smith ADM

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The First Swing in Jackpot Mode

Latest Videos

Ensuring Your Target Matches Your Style

Trevor Brazile discusses the importance of matching your target to your roping style in this Relentless Insights video.

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