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Dakota Kirchenschlager

"The Score" Podcast

Tying to the Right Fence: A Roper’s Desensitization Method

"The Short Score" bonus team roping tips episode with coach Dakota Kirchenschlager.

Team Roping Tips

Fine Tuning Horsemanship: Allowing Your Horse to Read Your Energy

In this month’s issue, Bobby Mote talks on page 40 about how Miles Baker and I helped him with his body position going to the steer. I want to elaborate here.


Futurity Heavyweight Andy Holcomb

Meet Andy Holcomb, the West Coast trainer zeroing in on aged ropings.

Cole Davison


The Kind of Heel Shots That Build Confidence

When it’s time to throw a green horse to the fire, less is more. Cole Davison shows you the kind of shots that will help build confidence in the long run.

Team Roping Tips

Yes, Your Heel Horse Needs to Break at the Poll. Here’s How.

Clay O'Brien Cooper explains how to get your heel horse to break at the poll.

Team Roping News

Calgary Smith’s Drive-By Heel Shot

Resistol Rookie heeler Calgary Smith placed at the Moses Lake Round-Up Rodeo with a somewhat signature drive-by shot.


Paden Bray’s Secret to Keeping a Horse Soft

How Paden Bray uses an O-ring on all of his horses to keep them soft and responsive.


Schmidt’s Secret to Scoring Flat

Kolton Schmidt breaks down what he works on to get his head horses scoring flat.

Lari Dee Guy Trevor Brazile

"The Score" Podcast

A Solid Career: How Guy and Brazile Make Their Horse Business Work

Lari Dee Guy and Trevor Brazile are on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4 with a mental performance segment, brought to you by, powered by The Team Roping Journal.

Team Roping Tips

Cowboy Enough to Use Split Reins? Here’s When and How.

Split reins serve a unique purpose in a team roper's horse training program. Trevor Brazile explains how he uses them in and out of the arena.

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