Breakaway roping teaches young heel horse prospects to focus on finding the cow. In this video brought to you by Cactus Ropes, Miles Baker explains the benefits of breakawaying on green heel horses to teach them the fundamentals of tracking.

“We’ll breakaway on head horses, heel horses, anything. I’m not worried about what lead he’s in. I’m not worried about anything except finding the cow right out of the chute and going to the cow. Because if they will go to the cow, then we can shape them off of it later and worry about leads and everything else then.”

About Miles Baker:

Miles Baker builds some of the best horses in the roping industry, ringing a bell at horse sales and winning big at the rope horse futurities. His ranch-raised horsemanship is why the King of the Cowboys, Trevor Brazile, relies on Baker for his in- and out-of-the-arena training help.

Miles Baker joins Brazile, seven-time World Champs Jake Barnes and Clay Cooper, two-time World Champs Patrick Smith and Matt Sherwood and other NFR talents on

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