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Inner Strength

Your Circle Matters

Kory Koontz on surrounding yourself with the right kind of people.

Team Ropers

When the Toughest of Times Bring Out the Best in Cowboys

Rope Horses

The Triumphant Return of Kory Koontz’s Remix

Kory Koontz's Remix makes a comeback after the wreck on January 16.

Team Roping News

On the Heels of Tragedy, Kory Koontz Moves Forward with a Grateful Heart

The story on Kory Koontz's accident.

"The Score" Podcast

The Short Score: Season 3, January 21, 2020

The Short Score on January 21, 2020, brought to you by the #RoadtoCTEC Sweepstakes.


Setting an Example with Kory Koontz

Kory Koontz on how position, timing and scoring go back to walking as a Christian.

Team Roping News

Dominos Keep Falling: Smith and Corkill Pair Up; Long Picks Up Egusquiza and Much More

Dustin Bird to head for Trey Yates; Dustin Egusquiza to pick-up Jake Long; Cory Kidd V to pick-up Kory Koontz; Clay Smith to pick-up Jade Corkill.


4 Tips for Balanced Riding with Kory Koontz

Koontz shares some tips to help heelers catch quicker and more consistent.

Team Roping News

Remembering One of the Greatest Heel Horses of All-Time: Jackyl, c.1989—2018

Jackyl carried Travis Graves, Tyler Magnus, Kory Koontz, Michael Jones, Jade Corkill and Jim Ross Cooper millions of miles to major championships across three decades. He died at the end of December 2018.


4 Steps Koontz Uses to Heel Behind Egusquiza

Heeling behind Dustin Egusquiza.

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