The Cinch Timed Event Champion Marcus Theriot and the Bob Feist Invitational Champions Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz: Season 4, Episode 5
The Score on March 18, 2021 with special guests Marcus Theriot, Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

The weekend at the Lazy E Arena started off with the 37th Annual Cinch Timed Event Championship. After the final round was complete on Saturday, March 13, Poplarville, Mississippi’s Marcus Theriot was crowned the Cinch Ironman after knocking down 25 head in 322.4 seconds, worth $100,000

Then we watched as some of the elite ropers in our sport piled into the Lazy E to compete at the 44th annual Bob Feist Invitational where we watched as Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz knocked down their sixth steer at high team back in 7.16 seconds to secure the win with a time of 46.48 seconds on six head, worth $150,000 for the team.

To top off their weekend, Kory’s 13-year-old dun gelding, Remix won the Heel Horse of the BFI

If you remember, Kory was in a major wreck on Jan. 16, 2020, which left Koontz’s truck and trailer totaled, and he lost his new mount Rudy. Remix came out of the accident beaten up.

Koontz, with the help of Outlaw Equine’s Josh Harvey and team, fought hard to help bring Remix back to fighting shape. After weeks of therapy on the AquaTred and walker, Remix came back better than ever before.

This episode is brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

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Kory Koontz: I’m not even kind of looked at my glass half full. I’ve always looked at it, just overflowing.

Chelsea Shaffer: This is Chelsea Shaffer, and this is season four of The Score. You all have listened to this podcast, three quarters of a million times, and we are here in season four to bring you even more of what you love.

Chelsea Shaffer: Hey everyone. This is Chelsea. I am turning over the reins today of The Score to Kaitlin. She was at the Timed Eventand the Bob Feist Invitational, so she’s got the interviews from Marcus Theriot and of course, Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz, but I’m going to stop in and let you know that this episode is sponsored by Fast Back Ropes.

Now Fast Back Ropes is the rope that has won the last two #12.5s during BFI week. That is right. Hannah and Mike White won bothropings in 2020 and 2021. Hannah was heading with the Cobalt and Mike was heeling with the Ultimate Four. We’ll tell you more about both of those ropes on the commercial break.

Kaitlin Gustave: If you weren’t at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma from March 11th through the 14th, then you definitely missed out on a lot of excitement from the Cinch Timed Event Championships and the Bob Feist Invitational. Hey guys, it’s Kaitlin Gustave and I have taken over The Score for this week. The weekend at the E started off with the 37th annual Cinch Timed Event Championship/

After the final round was complete on Saturday, March 13th, Poplarville, Mississippi’s Marcus Theriot was crowned the Cinch Ironman after knocking down 25 head in a time of 322.4 seconds worth $100,000. Then once the Timed Event was complete, we watched some of the elite ropers in our sport pile into the Lazy E to compete at the 44th annual Bob Feist Invitational, where we watched as Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz knocked down their steer at high team back in seven and 16 seconds to secure the win with the time of 46.48 seconds on six head, worth $150,000 for the team to top off their weekend. Kory’s 13 year old dun gildingRemix when the heel horse of the BFI, which it’s the first time Kory has ever had a horse win that title.

He’s ridden the great Switchblade, Jackyl and Switchblade. And none of them have won that title under him. So that was a huge feat for him. If you remember, Kory was in a major wreck on January 16th, in 2020, which left his truck and trailer totaled and he lost his new mount Rudy and Remix was the only horse to come out of the accident, but he was pretty beaten up. Kory with the help of the team.

Outlaw Equine with Josh. Harvey fought hard to help bring remix back to fighting shape. And after weeks of therapy on the Aqua tread in the walker, Remix came back better than ever before. And after this weekend at the Bob Feist, it definitely shows to kick off this episode. We’re going to listen to a special interview with the Cinch Timed Event Champion Marcus Theriot.

Man, I can’t even put this to words. How are you feeling right now?

Marcus Theriot: I feel great. Very glad it’s over. Uh, it is a fantastic event and it’s very fun, very overwhelming. But, uh, this is one of the first years I’ve been glad it’s over.

Kaitlin Gustave: And why, why are you glad it’s over?

Marcus Theriot: Cause they give me the big check

Kaitlin Gustave: and speaking of the big check, even coming here for five times now, you’ve placed second, a few times, correct?

Marcus Theriot: A third. Once and fourth once and then fifth.

Kaitlin Gustave: So you’ve been close and you come here and get it done.

Marcus Theriot: Yeah, I’ve been, uh, I’ve been in the situation to win the deal twice, probably, uh, been in numerous times in the lead at the beginning. And just, it seemed like every time something would fall apart and just, just like today and on my last one and a trip and got a half hitch on the back leg.

That’s so, so. One in a hundred tries. Uh, and that’s actually the first time I’ve ever had that happen to me. And I’ve tripped for five years now. Uh, it was just, just got overcome and things. I think that’s, that’s one of this is the arm man.

Kaitlin Gustave: And, um, like you said, it did come down to that steer tripping between you and Seth and Rogers. Paul David Tierney, watching them go before you, you were the last man out. Um, what was going through your head right there?

Marcus Theriot: Oh, well, I knew, I knew before they ever went that no matter what they did, I was going to have a chance to win first because I think I was 10 seconds on the lead and I knew I was going to have a chance for him first, no matter what they did.

I think that was kind of put me at peace a lot about it. And, uh, I was just glad, glad when it was over glad throw my hands up, you know, it’s just. Great feeling to be able to finally cinch the steel.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And we talked about it before your dad, his been here multiple times. He’s played second, a few times here and you got one over his head now and got the win.

How does it feel to, to come to this prestigious event and knowing that your dad’s been here before, um, and watching him compete here now you’re a champion here.

Marcus Theriot: Oh, it feels great. I, uh, used to come up here with him when I was little and warm the horses up, uh, it just, we getting to watch him compete and then getting him, watch him, make him beat.

I think we’re both way more nervous watching than actually competing, but, uh, it’s a great deal, you know, it’s just, uh, it’s one of them deals until you win it. It’s well, I ever went it. And, uh, just to be able to win and I’m feel very fortunate.

Kaitlin Gustave: And what was your preparation leading up to this event this year?

Marcus Theriot: Huh? Uh, I practice tripping a lot. I mean, I literally tripped more steers before this year than I have all the years. I mean, I probably tripped more steers in the left last month than I have my whole life. And uh, just, I practice the other events a little bit, but. Definitely tripping was the main focus.

Cause I mean, every time that’s, what’s always separated me from my opinion, when in this do I, I should’ve won it two other times by now, but just the trip and, and that all balls went down to my fault. Just not preparing enough for that event.

Kaitlin Gustave: And coming in, you had Shay Carroll heading and heeling for you.

Um, let’s talk about his help here at the Timed Event. 

Marcus Theriot: Oh, he is. He is great. He’s done a great job for me in the last two years. Uh, he actually, I think we’ve been clean on 19 now, clean on 18. I got a leg and he got a leg in the same round the other night and he said, don’t worry about it. That was my fault.

I roped the leg and showed that to you. And he is just, he’s so confident that he, he texts me on the way over here. And he said, I hope you’re ready to win this deal. And I said, yeah, I am. He said, well, this year we will win it. And just, he’s so confident.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes. Yes. He, I mean, Shay does have a good head on his shoulders and to have him heading and heeling for you, getting those shots done.

That is pretty lucky right there.

Marcus Theriot: Yeah. Uh, I I’m convinced there’s no position you can put him in where he’s going to panic and that is the world at this event is not panicking.

Kaitlin Gustave: Sure. And, uh, you had Tyler Pearson helping you in the bulldogging, and I know you said you’ve kind of grown up around him, lived close to you.

Um, talk about your and his relationship, and what he’s done to help you in the bulldog.

Marcus Theriot: Uh, whenever Tyler was in college, my dad had a pretty good horse and he, he would ride here and there and he was just coming up and just, I can remember when I was little, he was one of the guys that was always cooler that would actually, you know, have something to, you know, just didn’t mind hanging out with a kid and we’ve always been real close.

And I, uh, when I, when I was starting, I would go over there. He would always send horses for me, wherever I needed them. And we’re very close and, uh, just glad to be able to have. Some people that kind of helped me get my start here to help me on the big stage.

Kaitlin Gustave: Definitely. And you know, we gotta talk about it.

You were leading the all around standings in the PRCA for awhile. Um, this season, um, switching your mindset from the PRCA. You know, those starts are very different than here and it, you know, it’s not a marathon like it is here. How do you, how do you, I guess your mindset going into, you know, PRCA stuff and then coming to the Timed Event.

Marcus Theriot:  it’s just, you know, the PRCA. You get paid for who goes the fastest every time. And the team roping has gotten so fast these days, it is literally go fast as you can. If you might, one must say you hardly ever sing the winning anything. And, uh, this deal is just, you run so many head and the cattle are so tough.

They’re, they’re great cattle, but just, just like you said, the starts are long. Anything can go wrong. The arena is huge. And uh, when you run 25 head, I don’t care who you are. You’re gonna make mistakes.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yeah, it’s definitely a marathon here and let’s break down your runs. Um, kinda what were your worst runs going into this event that you know, now that it’s over.

Marcus Theriot: uh, the second round on the trip and that steer step left.

And I, I think I had some Bleacher help tell that horse whoa. And they was a little early and a steer kept trying to get up to try and get up. Finally, I, I smooched to him and getting back on the end of it and then steer took time. Just, I was beating myself up cause I did not know why I didn’t smooch to him 10 seconds earlier.

And that was, that was tough. And then the one that day, uh, just got a half hitch on the leg. That’s very unfortunate. And I was, I was just like, whenever that steer was on the ground and I was like, God, I did, I didn’t do everything I was supposed to do right here, but it was supposed to work and it’s not working and I don’t know.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes. And, uh, let’s talk about best. That’s your honor, what was your personal best around this week?

Marcus Theriot: Oh, I would have to go with the 14 five and the trip. And that is, uh, I know that was by far not the fastest run here in the tripping, but it was an a plus for me.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yeah. Yes. What was, what was great about that run? Break down that run for me.

Marcus Theriot: I, uh, uh, scored good, not I got my trip over there. Perfect. And actually didn’t pull on the reins, getting off. That’s a big problem for me. Then I had a left-hand tie, always missed my who and I didn’t miss my hoodie. So there was a lot of facts in that run that I did, and I was pretty excited.

First time I’ve kinda ever wanted to pat myself on the back.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes. And, um, I know, you know, Clay Smith, he was leading it going into round after round two, round one and round two. Um, and I’ve talked to him in his mindset, you know, was be aggressive, go out the barrier. What was your mindset? Were you trying to go at the barrier or safety up a little bit?

Marcus Theriot: I was just trying to get good on and starts. I didn’t, uh, you’re going to run them down there anyways, so I didn’t really see no point in trying to drill the barrier, but you definitely want to get good starts or you just, you know, Run your horses for no reason, but, uh, I was just trying to be solid. Just take the first shots.

Don’t second guess myself. And, uh, that, that I seem to do better in them situations when I don’t second guess myself.

Kaitlin Gustave: And you said that this is the biggest one of your career, I guess, after this what’s next for you?

Marcus Theriot: Uh, well, I mean, as thousands of Cowboys, I would love to make National Finals and, uh, I guess that’s the next goal.

And then we’ll be back here in a year for this goal again.

Kaitlin Gustave: And what do you think your preparations for next year is going to look like now that you’ve won it? You are the Ironman.

Marcus Theriot: Yeah. Uh, in a year from now that won’t matter. There’s 19 guys trying to get that position at the top. So, uh, I would like to get better as a whole at tripping.

I don’t feel like I’m great. I feel like I drew really good this week and was able to get by, but, uh, definitely I would like to get better at that. Just, you got to stay practicing. It all love them. It, like I said in a year from now, it’s it does not matter that I want it this year.

Kaitlin Gustave: And I got to ask how, how did you hold up mentally and physically?

Um, it is a tough event right here and your body’s gotta be sore.

Marcus Theriot: Uh, well the crew I got, I would, I would kind of get down. I, I would want to want to get negative and they just refuse to let me get negative. So about learning, you see, you can’t be negative with them or. It’s not cool, but, uh, I’m pretty sore.

Uh, the bulldog and some of the, my third share, I think run pretty hard and I hung up on him pretty, pretty hard down there in it. I’m pretty sore. And then the trip, and I don’t know why the tripping makes me sore. I don’t know if everybody gets sore, just I’m doing it that wrong.

Kaitlin Gustave: Awesome. Awesome. Well, Marcus, congratulations.

You are the Cinch Ironman. 

Marcus Theriot: Well, that sounds good.

Kaitlin Gustave: Thank you, Marcus.

Marcus Theriot: Thank you.

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Kaitlin Gustave: Thank you to Fast Back.

Again, congratulations Marcus on being the 2021 Ironman. And now you guys enjoy this special interview with Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz after they won the Bob Feist Invitational. 

All right, you guys, I am here with the 2021 champions of the Bob fights, invitational, Manny Egusquiza and Kory Koontz.

You guys. Over an hour past winning this event, how now that it’s kind of sunk in, how does it feel?

Kory Koontz: You know, it’s a great feeling. It’s a sure enough, uh, amazing feeling of accomplishment. You know, uh, this is a huge roping and tough set up big steers, strong, long score, all of the variables that play into making it difficult.

Uh, so that at the end of the day, The best team wins and feel so blessed that we’re that team. And so pretty cool. 

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. And Manny, those steers, like Kory said, steers were strong. You had to let them out there and run them down. Tell me about that head horse. And tell me about, uh, running them down on six head.

Manny Egusquiza: Oh that horse was special. He, uh, he let me score him out there and I didn’t think I got great starts, but I got decent starts and he let me go to him and catch him. And then. Um, and it just, he let me do it all day and that’s, that’s the key is all six all day.

Kaitlin Gustave: Manny, this has to be one of the biggest wins in your career. My correct. Biggest one. You were calm and cool going into that short round high team back. Um, talk about your mental game right there.

Manny Egusquiza: Uh, you know, I, I was peaceful all day. I didn’t, I think. Cause I was prepared. I’m not saying that I wasn’t prepared before, but everything has to fall into place. Whether horse partner drawing some steers, uh, staying focused.

And I never did one time getting nervous and worried. I just, I was just kind of chill mode.

Kaitlin Gustave: Kory, even coming to the BFI? When was your first year?

Kory Koontz: I believe it was 1990, 1990.

Kaitlin Gustave: And how many times have you won this event?

Kory Koontz: This is my third.

Kaitlin Gustave: How going in, like, just like Manny, you seem very calm going into that short round.

Um, let’s talk about your mental game and going in, you did not take any, any slow shots right there. That first shot you had, you took it.

Kory Koontz: Yeah, I, um, I get more nervous thinking that I might have to follow the cow two or three hops and I, if I just get it over with. And so I, um, I don’t know. I feel like when you have a run put together with your partner, Um, just like he said, he didn’t run up there and take extra swings.

He roped out, stuck it on him. The timing of the run. We’ve done that a lot of times. And so when the steer come around and he was ready to rope, that’s where I rode. And so, you know, that’s, I tried to do that all day. I think he did that all day and then just so happened. We executed on six in a row and so worked out good.

Kaitlin Gustave: And you know, we gotta talk about it. It, you know, headlines used to be. Koontz and the kid Kory and the kid you roped with Dustin, excuse, uh, Manny, your younger brother. And now you guys partnered up. How did your guys’ partnership come about? What made you want to up here at the BFI?

Kory Koontz: Well, we, uh, I was going over to Manny’s and practicing a lot, just going and roping and we’re good friends anyway.

And, um, that. That was, we were good friends way before I even knew who Dustin was and when he’d come about. And so, uh, Manny probably had a lot to do with me and Dustin even roping together. And, um, so through all of this, um, um, practicing at his house and we’re, you know, it’s just kinda, we decided, well, shoot might as well roped together.

Cause I’m coming over here and roping all the time. And we’re both kinda at the same stages of our life where, um, Probably not going to go full-time, but as far as still competing at a high level and wanting to execute and wanting to work at it and make a living, you know, that’s basically, we want to pay the bills.

He’s still got kids, he’s raising and they’re at home. And, um, uh, I’ve probably got maybe as little responsibility on me as I ever have, but I, I still got a lot on my plate and, um, You know, I feel like I still rope at a real high level and want to win. And so I get up every day wanting to work at it and, and, uh, you know, me and Manny kinda in the same places in our life and same goals.

And so it just worked out good to rope together. Yeah. Sure.

Kaitlin Gustave: And how about you, Manny? I got to say Kory’s one of my favorite heelers of all times. He’s one of my heroes. How cool is it to have him on the backside? Oh,

Manny Egusquiza: He’s been a hero of mine forever. Cause I healed do you know, the first part of my career and I looked up to him and what he did and the horses he rode.

And I can probably tell you all the heel shots he made on Iceman back in those other days. But no, it’s a great friendship and he’s one of my heroes and you know, it’s fun to have a partner that comes over and wants to work at it every day, as much as I do. And, and, uh, it’s it, it it’s cool. I mean, it’s, uh, it’s, uh, it’s a blessing really.

Kaitlin Gustave: And speaking of horses, Kory, we got to talk about Remix right there. He just won the top horse at the BFI. And man, he’s got a story behind him. How cool is it to come here and went on Remix?

Kory Koontz: It’s really cool. Um, me and that horse have been through a lot together. I got him as a yearling. I broke him. He’s we’ve tried to kill each other a lot of times.

And, uh, he’s he was a bronc he’s bucked. He’s done lots of stupid stuff. And, um, I just kinda kept weathering the storm and, and then I’ve wrote, he met some big stuff and he’s worked good, but he was never just seemed like he was all the way there. Like he’s still inconsistent. And just while he was in a wreck that I had a little over a year ago, and when I brought him back out of that, I don’t know what changed, but he’s been the best that he’s ever been since getting him back a hundred percent.

And so. You know, it truly a blessing. I never thought that he would be much more than just a good horse, kinda mediocre. Um, he proved the day that, you know, he’s more than that. And, um, when in the, and this is an honor that I’ve never won the heel horse of the BFI. And, um, so that’s something that, you know, that’s pretty cool to be able to put this trophy on the mantle and, and be able to look at it and know that.

Remix got me there.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. You know, you mentioned your wreck. I was going to talk about that January 16th was the day that that happened in 2020. Um, you know, you lost your horse, Rudy and remix had to battle back, um, a lot just to, just to be sound and healthy again. Um, you know, let’s kinda talk about that and how you’ve back bounced back from that big, bigger,

Kory Koontz: Well, you know, that was a scary deal.

Um, And then to lose a horse that I felt like had a lot of future. And, um, so that was a hard deal. I lost a truck, a trailer, you know, that that’s been a sure enough, a money pit, um, ever since that happened. And so, but I’ve always, um, I’m not even kind of looked at my glass half full. I’ve always looked at it, just overflowing and, um, So at the rec really didn’t get me down any, um, I just kept working and doing what I do and still putting in the effort and the time and still working at it and all of the stuff that I always did, I just kept doing.

And so it didn’t ever kind of, I never had the poor me attitude kind of thing, and I just don’t think that gets you anywhere. And so, um, but anyway, it is for this doll. Come to this, this day and a big win on him on remix that, um, there was little time there after that wreck where he wasn’t even, he couldn’t even put his head all the way down to the ground.

They eat off, eat out of a tub on the ground. Um, he wasn’t walking even very good for a little while and then he couldn’t trot. And then, you know, it was like, so it’s, he’s come a long ways and, um, Uh, Josh Harvey, outlaw equine, and all of that crew did a lot to help me, you know, get through, get him back to where he was a hundred percent ready to go.

So I owe them a lot too.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. I know I am so glad remix is sound and healthy and back in your string. And I know I love watching that horse go.

Kory Koontz: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Kaitlin Gustave: And Manny, we do gotta to talk a little bit more about that head horse. Um, what do you call that horse age and, you know, To be able to run down six head like that.

That is that that horse has to be very athletic.

Manny Egusquiza: Oh yeah. He, you know, that horse is probably 15 and a Bubba Buckaloo raised him and, uh, Ivy, her actually pro rodeoed on that horse, in the barrel racing for a while. I don’t know how many years. And then, uh, the Wiley’s ended up with him and then they were, you know, good enough to let me, uh, ride them.

And, uh, and he’s, he’s. Just so easy. He’s nothing out of the ordinary. He going to run as fast as the fastest horse here, but he scores great and he lets me take my shot and my shot fits him. His, his shot fits me. And it’s just a good team. I mean, really, he he’s probably gets baby more than, uh, I don’t know.

He gets babied pretty good, like with us.

Kaitlin Gustave: Definitely, definitely. And, you know, going through. Looking back in all six of those runs. Were there any hiccups at all? Um, throughout the day?

Manny Egusquiza: I can steer just look so good. And I was a little late and I never whipped. I never, I, every time I’ve lived, I’ve actually missed.

And me and my brother had a little deal. Like he’s so good whipping. And, you know, especially for these course, give them a little bit of encouragement and I don’t know what happened, but like I left the box. And I look up like, I’m looking at the, like, he’s getting farther away and I’m already starting my swing.

So I just come out of my swing into a spank. And then before he got to the BFI sign, he was ticking another gear. And that was my, my school and him for the day after that, I didn’t have to live no more. Um, but you know, he’s a good one. He’s he’s he’s spent and our family, you know, uh, that’s a horse and my wife can ride, my kid can ride.

Obviously you can barrel race on him. We’ve never barrel raced on him, but he’s a, he’s a special.

Kaitlin Gustave: And, uh, was your family here? Was your wife and your kids here?

Manny Egusquiza: No, uh, actually Cody, my boy had a high school rodeo this morning and my wife took him over there. Ann Marie is 19. So she drove herself to the arena there at the Lone Star in Stephenville, and which is just about a mile and a half away, and she was roping.

So I was back and forth all day between roping here and on the phone with them, seeing how they did and. No, they didn’t get to come to share

Kaitlin Gustave: How old you said your son’s name is Cody. Correct. How old is he? 

Manny Egusquiza: Cody is 18 and my daughter Ann Marie’s 19.

Kaitlin Gustave: And your wife’s Candis. And so your, you know, your wife and your kids, they’re gone.

They’re in Texas while you’re here, but you’re here competing against your brother. How cool is it to have your brother here and being able to compete, compete against them and make it a family family event? 

Manny Egusquiza: I said it earlier and I’m not saying is I feel comfortable. I got a guy in my corner.

And when you were roping against these guys, these guys are tough and there’s actually no socializing back here. Um, and when you have a guy that’s literally on your team, uh, wanting you to do good, it, uh, it, it means a lot,

Kaitlin Gustave: $150,000 for winning this event. What’s that going to do for you right now?

Manny Egusquiza: For me it’s life-changing this is, uh, I’ll be paying some bills.

I don’t know if I’ll buy cows or anything, but I’ll be dang sure pay stuff off .

Kaitlin Gustave: $150,000 right now. Kory, what is that gonna do for you?

Kory Koontz: Well, um, $75,000, my part, plus I think we won the short round, which is another couple thousand. So 77. I mean, it’s going to make it easier to pay the rent for a little while.

You know? Um, I, there there’s a lot of things that I’ve, I’ve leased or rented a place for a long time. I want to buy a piece of land. Um, and so that I need to be able to build my own place so that I’ve got a place to, for me to work and for me to be at home. And so that’s, that’s. What some of this money is going to go towards and I’m trying not to waste it.

I feel like I’ve won a ton of money in my, in my lifetime. And I have wasted a lot of it, I think, um, which I’ve raised, you know, I’ve raised a family. Uh, I’ve truly been blessed, but I’m not the best money manager probably. So I might get somebody that knows a little bit more than me to help me this time.

But no, it’s good. It’s, it’s a life changing amount of money. And then, but it doesn’t change what we do tomorrow and he’d get up and go to work again and keep doing it. 

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Kids. You heard it from Dawg right here. Learn from him. Don’t spend it all in one place. Yes, sir. And you know, last question I gotta ask you guys, are you guys going to ProRodeo at all or are you, you guys done,

Kory Koontz: You know, we’re going to go to pro rodeos.

Um, we might even go a little over the 4th of July or, you know, when the, when the money’s good and I’m just not interested in going full-time butting heads the whole year long to try to make the NFR. Now, if we went in July and just kick butt and things went great. I mean, I’m not saying I’m not giving a retirement speech because we still as a team and we both rope for a living.

So we’re not quitting by any means, but. Our goals and kind of what we’re after have changed a little bit. And so, you know, I, I don’t look to go rodeo full-time out trying to make the NFR. Um, that doesn’t mean we won’t rodeo full-time in Texas and the close stuff, and he’s got. You know, responsibilities at home and I just don’t want to leave.

I’m tired of driving. So I’m, uh, I kinda liked last year, going to the amateur rodeos, you drive about three hours and come home. And so that sounds more fun to me.

Kaitlin Gustave: Is there, do you have anything out of that and Manny with him?

Manny Egusquiza: It’s uh, yeah. It’s whatever we decide to do. Uh, I’m like him, I don’t going to have to be on the road the whole time.

I do have some responsibilities at home that I gotta be there for. And, you know, yeah. Might go here and there. And, but where we live now, I, you know, it’s you get to go to something every week. That’s good. Not just, okay. It’s good. And you’re three hours from the house, four hours at the most, maybe five, but yeah, it’s, uh, it’s going to be a lot easier for a little while.

Kaitlin Gustave: Yes, sir. Awesome. Well, I know your guys’ phones are blowing up. You’ve got a lot of people to talk to, but congratulations, you guys. I’m so excited for both of you.

Kory Koontz: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Chelsea Shaffer: Kaitlin, great job on this episode. Thank you so much for traveling and all the hard work you put in and thank you to Fast Back Ropes for sponsoring this episode. They have long been our partners. They help us bring coverage all year to the sport of professional team roping and recreational team roping alike.

We so appreciate it. Thank you to Teri and Coy and their whole crew. They are wonderful to work with TRJ

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