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Trevor Brazile Relentless Glory

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Trevor Brazile and Relentless Glory Rock Royal Crown 6-&-Under Heading in Waco

Relentless Glory leads the standout Relentless Remuda lineup by earning the Royal Crown 6-&-Under Heading win in Waco, Texas, on May 10.

Miles Baker Head Horse Training

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Reinforcing Respect in the Bridle

How can you reinforce cues in your head horses and heel horses? The Relentless Remuda's Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker explain.


Body-Position Breakthrough: Practical Advice That Changed Bobby Mote’s Heading

How Bobby Mote is changing his upper body to get tighter loops and add rate to his running-bred horses.

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Colt-Starting Series: Outside Riding 101

Miles Baker breaks down how he makes sure to keep his horses in positive situations in the pasture.

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The Mechanics of the Sliding Stop

How exactly do you create and reinforce a slide in a heel horse?

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Dialing a Green Head Horse Back Down

After putting high-pressure runs in competition on a young head horse, Trevor Brazile and Miles Baker talk through how they calm that horse back down and bring him back to his fundamentals.

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Bits and Tie-Downs on Green Head Horses

How should your bit and tie-down be adjusted on a young head horse? Miles Baker and Trevor Brazile explain.

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Colt-Starting Series: Groundwork in a Sidepull

Miles Baker starts the Relentless Remuda colts in a sidepull rather than a snaffle. Here are the fundamentals of using a sidepull and how it should be adjusted.

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Colt-Starting Series: Teaching a Colt Forward Motion

How much forward motion should you put into a colt without discouraging a stop?

Team Roping Tips

Colt-Starting Series: Softness in a Sidepull

What should you expect in the early rides on a colt? Miles Baker explains how he rides in a sidepull and introduces fundamentals in the first few rides.

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