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Patrick Smith

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Building a Blueprint for Mental Toughness with Patrick Smith

Two-time World Champion Patrick Smith discusses building a foundation for mental toughness in team roping.

Patrick Smith heeling on stallion WSR Hesa Dunofa Lena at the Lazy E Arena's Bob Feist Invitational (BFI)

"The Score" Podcast

Patrick Smith’s Introduction to the Rope Horse Breeding Game

On this week's episode of the Short Score, two-time World Champion Patrick Smith talks about his journey with stallion WSR Hesa Dunofa Lena.

Team Roping Tips

Practice Runs


Gain Control on Slower-Loping Cattle with Patrick Smith

Keeping your timing through the turn on slower-loping cattle is something ropers of all abilities struggle with. Here’s how Patrick Smith has mastered it.

"The Score" Podcast

Mentally Prepare for the Ariat World Series of Team Roping Finale with Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4, brought to you by, powered by The Team Roping Journal.

Team Ropers

Let ’er Buck! Team Roping Turf Surfers Live To Tell About Pendleton 2021

Kellan Johnson, Patrick Smith and Spencer Mitchell tell their stories of falling on the Pendleton Round-Up grass.

Rope Horse Care

Patrick Smith’s Roping Remuda Prescribed R&R

Patrick Smith heel horse string recovers from injuries.

Team Roping Tips

Rating off Your Rope

Patrick Smith explains how to rate off of your rope.

"The Score" Podcast

Patrick Smith’s 12 Steps to Become a Better Roper

An audio edition of "12 Things Anyone Can Master to Become A Better Roper", brought to you by USRoper.


Trevor Brazile, Patrick Smith and Miles Baker Join Coaching Staff July 1

World Champions join’s coaching staff as The Team Roping Journal takes the reins of the online video platform.

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