How Do You Watch Patrick Smith’s STAY DRIVEN Video?
Stay Driven is the ultimate team roping instructional video.

Patrick Smith’s latest video, STAY DRIVEN, dropped Thanksgiving Day 2023 on

STAY DRIVEN is available to stream through the app on any device, OR, if you’re old-school, you can order a hard-copy DVD after checkout that we’ll ship to you mid-December.

Stay driven Patrick smith
  1. Visit: 
  2. Click the yellow “Buy” button at the top of the page
  3. Create your account and enter payment information.
    1. This is the login you will use to access your copy of STAY DRIVEN on You can log in to anytime you’d like to watch STAY DRIVEN here:
    2. Your purchase of STAY DRIVEN does not give you unlimited access to To upgrade your account login and visit:
  4. Click the yellow “Complete Purchase” button at the bottom of the page.
  5. You can now login and watch STAY DRIVEN anywhere, anytime, anyplace you like!
  6. Check your email for details on how you redeem your free gift box, full of giveaways from some of Patrick’s sponsors! 

Patrick Smith’s STAY DRIVEN is the ultimate team roping instructional video, exploring the partnership element of the richest recreational sport in the world. STAY DRIVEN breaks down the elements that make a header and heeler successful together, teaching ropers how to build a run as a team to catch more steers clean, win more ropings and get more out of their time in the arena. Over three hours of instruction, with special guests Tanner Tomlinson, Tyler Wade, Wesley Thorp and Junior Nogueira, STAY DRIVEN uses never-before-seen camera angles and visual technology to give ropers a deeper understanding of how to win in team roping than ever before.

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