Print: August 2023
standing shoulder to shoulder behind a table: 2022 PRCA Rookie of the Year Junior Zambrano, Brandon Brown, Cowgirl Hall of Famer Lari Dee Guy, Brandon Shelton and nine-time NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz.
Other Gig
Building Connections With the Brandons on the “Tolleson-Mack” Podcast
Clint Summers roping with Jake Long at Woodard Elks ProRodeo
Freeze Frame
Woodward Win: Clint Summers Breaks Down Winning Run with New Partner Jake Long
3/4 closeup profile of palomino horse with braided mane in roping box
The Right Horse
Top 10 Traits of a Horse for Lower-Numbered Headers
Kory Koontz swinging rope toward roping dummy
Aging Adjustment
Save Your Shoulder by Adjusting Your Swing
Team roper Jake Long riding a horse in arena.
mental game
Inner Strength with Jake Long
Clay O'Brien Cooper heeling on bay horse.
words from the champ
Riding Is as Important as Roping at the Highest Level
Team roper Justin Davis heeling on his red roan horse Pocket.
The Horse at the Heart of Justin Davis’ 2023 Comeback
Rhen Rhichard roping on a palomino with a braided mane.
Trained Up
Rodeo Head Horse Breakaway Practice
Trevor Brazile roping on a bay horse (Royal Crown Champion Step N Small Town).
Trained Up
User-Friendly Horses
Jake Barnes roping a dummy
Pro Tip
Tackling the Two Most Common Misses