Woodward Win: Clint Summers Breaks Down Winning Run with New Partner Jake Long
New partners. Good horse. Winning run.
Clint Summers roping with Jake Long at Woodard Elks ProRodeo
Phil Kitts Avid Visual Imagery photo


One-header, Woodward Elks ProRodeo, Woodward, Oklahoma


4.3 seconds


$3,635 a man for first

Clint Summers vital stats

a) Steer

That steer was smaller with small horns, and I honestly told Jake (Long) before we went that I might go ahead and get the neck. I came across the line, and the steer stepped right. He didn’t want to take the haze, and his head was up like he was lost. 

b) Loop

I thought I could pick him off instead of a good sharp loop with curl—I just threw something to snap off. I came across, and I was aiming for the horns but, if I’d have got the neck, I wouldn’t have been mad. I must have drilled the barrier, and he was right there. That start was even, so I went with a front leg on the WW chute. It’s always a little longer; it’s always a little more than on a Priefert chute, and the steers are fresher. You’re sitting there on go, but you can’t just take off either. 

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c) Left Hand

With that steer stepping over into Jake, he was in a different lead than he needed to be in. So when I headed him, I made sure my horse stayed rolling forward so I could at least pick up his head and bring Joe back as much as possible to give Jake a good corner and open him up for as fast as a shot as possible. He picked up and, as soon as he did, I opened him up and Jake heeled him as fast as he could possibly heel there. 

d) Feet

I believe you can’t quit kicking. It might just be me, but I don’t think you can quit kicking until the run is over. If you’re one who kicks through the barrier and then quits, your horse learns that habit. If you stay aggressive through the whole run, there’s nothing different from rodeoing to jackpotting. 

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e) Body Position

I think that’s the point I ask for my horse to come back. I try to cue him with my body to help him read me. I want him to come back a little bit. This horse runs super hard, so at some point, you have to help him out instead of just pulling on the bridle reins. When I sit down, it’s to help him to ease on back out of it. 

f) Joe

I personally feel I’ve rode some great horses, but Joe is special. Me and him have been doing really good together. I have a lot of confidence in him, and it’s hard to get off him. I’m low on my rodeo count, so I’ve got work to do. I’m going to ride what I’m most confident in and, right now, that’s Joe.  TRJ

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