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Where Are They Now? See How Former Resistol Rookies Are Faring in 2023
Cole Thomas ropes in the 2022 Southeastern Circuit Finals
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Meet No. 1 Resistol Rookie of the Year Contender Cole Thomas
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Resistol Rookie of the Year
The Short Score: Catching Up with Tanner James
Mason Appleton sticks one on the steer as Cooper Freeman brings up the rear in Red Lodge, MT
Resistol Rookie of the Year Player Mason Appleton Nabs No. 2 Finish at Greeley Stampede
Resistol Rookie Tanner James
UNDEFEATED: Tanner James is 2022 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year
Resistol Rookie
Tanner James Undefeated in Resistol Rookie Headers Standings; Junior Zambrano Moves to No.1 in Resistol Rookie Heelers Standings
Kreece Thompson
Young-Gun Kreece Thompson Holds His Own In Resistol Rookie Heading Standings
All-Around Contender Wyatt Muggli in “Knife Fight” for Resistol Rookie No. 1
Tucker Menz Moves to No. 1 in Resistol Rookie Heading Standings
A Battle to the End: Tanner Tomlinson Crowned 2020 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year