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ARHFA Short Round Pedigrees Sevens Star Glo
The Bloodlines of the Top 25 Heel Horses in the 2022 ARHFA World Championships Short Round
ARHFA World Championships Heeling Short Round Bloodlines, broken down for the 2022 American Rope Horse Futurity finals in Fort Worth, Texas.
The State of the Rope Horse Market with Trevor Brazile
Brazile, with 26 PRCA World Titles under his belt, talks through the state of the horse market as we emerge from the challenges of 2020 and the changes of 2021.
Dean Tuftin
The Team Roping Journal's 2021 Breeder's Guide
For the second year in a row, The Team Roping Journal is honored to do our part to help propel the rope horse industry forward.
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The Foundation: The Top Hands Behind the Trainers
Even the best ropers—and horse trainers—in the world have some serious backup in the top hands who put the outside rides on their young horses. From ranch cowboys to cow horse trainers to cutters, there are trainers behind the trainers who make top futurity horses, world champions and just true winners. Their styles are as different as the men themselves, but their results are gold buckles, gold globes and all-around great horses.
Green Horse Ryan Motes
How to Ask Your Young Horse for More *Without* Blowing Him Up with Ryan Motes
Ryan Motes explains how to know when you can ask a green rope horse to step up.
Bobby Mote
Assessing a Prospect with Bobby Mote
What Reliance Ranch's Bobby Mote looks for when choosing a rope horse prospect.