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"The Score" Podcast

The Score: How To Avoid Hesitating Your Delivery with Clay O’Brien Cooper

The WCRA brings you this team roping tip from, featuring Clay O' Brien Cooper sharing his advice on how to avoid hesitating your delivery.

As a header, I judge my handles on how easy I make it on my heeler. TRJ File Photo


Handling Steers & Helping Your Heeler

Jake Barnes on the importance of handling steers well.


Luke Brown is Roping on the Gain

Roping on the Gain. Free-running horses can make a head shot tough. Here’s how Luke Brown masters it.

Team Roping Tips

Fresh-Horse Box Work

There's no need to pick a fight with a fresh head horse—especially if you know the horse inside and out. Starting your practice session off by allowing your head horse to settle in can be the best way to set your practice up for success, says horse trainer Bert McGill.


Correcting Mistakes: Incorrect Tip Angle with Wesley Thorp

The biggest mistake heelers make is failing to direct their tip to their targets. Here’s how to do better.

Team Ropers

Calling All Roping Rookies: Friendly Advice from Jake Barnes

Clay O'Brien Cooper

The Process of How We Learn with Clay O’Brien Cooper

Clay O'Brien Cooper shares details on the process of how we learn in team roping.

Team Roping Tips

The End of a Run

Keep your horse strong in competition by practicing at home.

Team Roping Tips

Mental Preparation Before a Major Event

Kolton Schmidt helps you work on your mental game for major events.

Team Roping Tips

Facing on Young Horses

Miles Baker shows you how to keep your horses shoulders moving in the face.

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