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Playing on Borrowed Time: Here’s How To Fit in Practice and Gain Focus

We tap some of the sport’s best for their pre-Finale, short-on-time advice.



Roping’s Much-Needed Horsemanship Refocus

The best way to improve your team roping is to improve your horsemanship.

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Target and Position When Roping Right to Left

When roping right to left, the position and target need to match up.

Roping Tips for Smooth Scoring

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Teaching Smooth Scoring

In this roping tips video, Kirchenschlager and Lund describe how they work horses in the box for smooth scoring.

Consistent Cues on the Smarty

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Consistent Cues on the Smarty

In this heel horse training video, Joseph Harrison explains how critical consistent cues are for heel horses.

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Full Heeling Dummy Roping Lesson with Matt Sherwood

In this video, Matt explains position on the ground on the heeling dummy.


Team Ropers

What Makes a Winner: Heeler’s Edition

In the lower divisions, what specific skills separate the consistent winners from the rest of the pack? We surveyed the industry’s leaders and top producers for their seasoned perspectives. 

Jake Barnes

Jake Barnes’ 12 Keys to Handling Cattle

The secrets of seven-time World Champion Jake Barnes

Latest Videos

Steer Stopping Session on Ex-Reiner

Kirchenschlager and Lund talk through a session.

Latest Videos

Riding Your Horse for a Consistent Catch

Clay Tryan explains that you need to ride your horse to ensure you catch.

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