Head Control in the Box
How much head control do you need in the box?

What’s the correct amount of head control you need in the box? In this video brought to you by Cactus Ropes, Trevor Brazile explains how he wants his horses to automatically go into the bridle when he backs them in the box and aims for contact between the tie down and the bridle.

“This is probably the most pressure a horse has on him to anticipate. Everywhere else they’re moving and they can let out their anxiety someway, but here there isn’t anywhere for that go. So, I try not to make it down to where it hits the tie down and then comes back.”

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More about Trevor Brazile:

Trevor Brazile is the winningest cowboy in professional rodeo history, with $7 million in career earnings and 26 gold buckles. The sport’s elite all-around hand, Brazile has won over $800,000 in Cinch Timed Event Championship competition alone. Since leaving the rodeo arena full-time in 2019, Brazile has changed his focus to making the best young horses in the roping industry. He’s already won hundreds of thousands in American Rope Horse Futurity Association competition, and his training style and philosophy are based on fundamentals and consistency.

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