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A Craftsman’s Calling: Saddlemaker Monty Reedy

Monty Reedy discovered his passion for leather at an early age, and his commitment to the craft is evident in every piece he makes.

Team Roping Tips

Brazile’s First Handmade Saddle

Trevor Brazile's first handmade saddle was a Slim Fleming he got at 12 years old, and he rode it the rest of his youth career.


Rope Horse Saddle Fit with Trevor Brazile

Team Roping Gear

Rope Right: NRS Pro Series Team Roping Saddle

Check out the NRS Pro Series 1/2 Breed Team Roping Saddle.

Team Roping Gear

Saddles: What the Pros are Riding

Five professional team ropers talk about the saddles they're riding.

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A Perfect Fit The Cowboy Way: Trent Ward Saddlery

Texas heeler and saddlemaker Trent Ward puts his passion for team roping into his saddlemaking to provide ropers and horses the fit they both desire.

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Premier Looks: J.R. Wenger Leather Works

Team roper J.R. Wenger has always been known for his high-end art show saddles, but in 2020 he’s surging toward the launch of Premier Rope Saddles.


Trevor Brazile Shortened His Stirrups. Here’s Why.

Your stirrup length can affect your ability to control a young horse and ride a good one. Here's the how and why.

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Saddle Making and Dummy Building with Jeff Gollehon

Nearly 50 years after lifelong Montanan Jeff Gollehon spied his dream occupation, not only is he still crafting saddles like the saddlemakers who inspired him, he’s building roping dummies and keeping his eyes peeled for the chance to make good on one yet-to-be realized dream.

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SADDLE SAVVY: Making Sure Your Saddle Fits Right

Yes, the fit of your saddle directly affects your catch ratio and your horse’s performance.

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