Saddles: What the Pros are Riding
Five professional team ropers talk about the saddles they're riding.

Jake Barnes

Saddle: Premier Rope Saddles

Why? He’s probably the only saddlemaker that makes his own trees, also. We’ve done some more on fitting the types of horses that I use. They’re used to traditional horses that have a lot of withers. Now, the horses seem to be a little rounder-backed. The tree that he’s designed that we’re using accommodates both types of horses.

More: Pricing and Saddles coming soon;; 717-752- 5902

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Chase Tryan

Saddle: Slone Saddles

Why? They fit my horse good, and they’re really comfortable. I’ve been riding a Slone since 2014. He designs them to fit my horse. He’s a professional saddlemaker, so I just have him do it. My favorite one is the full rough out.

More: Call for pricing;; 361-275-6768

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Trevor Brazile

Saddle: Relentless by Cactus Saddlery

Why? I worked with one of the greatest saddlemakers who ever lived, Wilford Lewis, to build these trees. There’s not a time when I don’t have 20 horses I need a saddle to fit, and between these saddles and Relentless Extreme pads of varying widths, I can fit every horse on my place.

More: $3,720;; 866-605-6567

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Bode Baize

Saddle: Corriente Saddle Company

Why? I ride a half-breed roughout saddle. I like it because you can get some of the prettier tooling around the swells and the stirrups, but then you get the roughout piece on the seat jockey and the fenders. It kind of helps you balance better and holds you in. We have got it to where our saddle will fit 90% of all horses.

More: $1,200;; 915-525-9009

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Spencer Mitchell

Saddle: Coats Saddlery

Why? The ones I ride have the Coats ranch fenders on them. It lets my legs be more free-moving. Coats has been great to deal with as far as getting something that fits me and my horses. I ride a full roughout with a hard seat, typically. I’m a little hard on stuff so I don’t tend to get anything too fancy. I like the roughout because it holds you in the saddle a little better.

More: $4,300;; 325-651-5080

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