Show Me The Buckles

After decades of evaluating the best horses in the industry at rodeo’s highest levels, 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile and his partner Miles Baker honed in on Show Me The Buckles.

In November 2022, Reliance Ranches stepped in to purchase “Buckles” from the Relentless Remuda, allowing the stallion to stand to the public at one of the most visited facilities in the breeding industry: The Lazy E Ranch.

Notably, he sired American Rope Horse Futurity Association (ARHFA) 4-year-old World Champion Tuckin Away Buckles, the No. 13 all-time leading team roping money earner according to QData, with decades left in the horse’s performance career. Buckles is also the sire of A Big Vintage Buckle, the 2022 ARHFA Intermediate World Champion heel horse.

Lazy E/Reliance Ranches

pedigree chart for Show Me The Buckles

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Show Me The Buckles
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Show Me The Buckles
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Show Me The Buckles
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