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Making Good: Wyoming Spur and Buckle Maker Justin Erickson

Wyoming spur and buckle maker Justin Erickson believes in making quality goods, but gets the most enjoyment out of using what he builds to do good.

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Cowboy-Era Maker: Cotton Elliot Bit and Spurs

Texas bit and spur maker Cotton Elliott learned the old ways of the craft but embraces both the challenges and the opportunities of doing business in this modern world.

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If Spurs Could Talk: JB “Barry” Guillory’s Drive to Carry on Tradition

For Louisiana bit and spur maker JB “Barry” Guillory, the true art of his craft lies in the one-to-one connections he makes with his clients, and in his one-at-a-time approach to his product.

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Spurs: When & How to Use Them

Trevor Brazile applies an ALWAYS method to riding with spurs. Here are his thoughts on how and when to use them.

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The World’s Greatest: Preston Williams Hardware

Arizona team roper, trainer and bit and spur maker Preston Williams strives for perfection in everything he creates. He was also crowned 2009’s World’s Greatest Roper

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The Whole Package: Tristan Mahoney

Arizonan bit and spur maker Tristan Mahoney offers a whole lot more than mouth hardware to his clients.

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Team Ropers Favorite Spurs

Patrick Smith, Lane Ivy, Dakota Kirchenschlager, Ryan Motes, and Clint Summers share what they like about their spurs.

Team Ropers

In the Fire: Joshua Ownbey Custom Orders

Joshua Ownbey puts his Texas panhandle cowboy roots to use with the creation of each unique hand-forged product he makes.

Dakota Kirchenschlager

Team Roping Tips

Use Your Feet with Dakota Kirchenschlager

Kirchenschlager shares tips on how to use your feet when roping.

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