Team Ropers Favorite Spurs
Patrick Smith, Lane Ivy, Dakota Kirchenschlager, Ryan Motes, and Clint Summers share what they like about their spurs.

Patrick Smith

Spurs: Gordy Alderson

Why: I’ve been getting all of my spurs from him for the past 10 years. I love custom stuff, and the great thing about Gordy is that he does a really good job at making a cowboy-looking spur. For what people charge for custom made stuff, he’s super competitive. He does such a good job for not so much money in my opinion. I’ve got a pair in my house that he made me 10 years ago that I still wear–they’ve held up for a long time.

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Lane Ivy;


Lane Ivy

Spurs: Josh Ownbey

Why: Josh Ownbey does some of the best work I think around right now. I’ve been friends with him since I was like 14 years old. This year when I made the Finals he made me a pair of them. It’s just kind of sentimental. They ride amazing, so that doesn’t hurt.

More: $2,500;; 940-655-8227

Dakota Kirchenschlager

Dakota Kirchenschlager

Spurs: Greg Darnall

Why: I like those spurs because the shank isn’t real long and they’re real light. It’s easy to feel my horse off of those spurs. The reason they say ‘Duck’ is because I used to live with Shawn Darnall and his family. His nephew, Hoyt, used to always call me Duck, so they put that on there. It’s just a nickname that kind of stuck. He gave them to me as a gift the second time I made the Finals.

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Ryan Motes

Spurs: Billy Klapper

Ryan Motes

Why: They’re basically like a collectors item. He’s one of the oldest, and most famous spur makers around. I have always wanted a pair of his spurs for a while. Mine are Klapper 78s and that’s probably his most popular spur. They’re a little longer shank, but they’re more of a cowhorse, cutter shank. They’re all one piece and they have really good weight to them.

More: $2,500;


Clint Summers

Clint Summers

Spurs: Kerry Kelley

Why: I think they’re the best-made spurs, honestly. There’s no shortcuts about them. They’re built well, and they’re built to last. His designs and everything about the spur is sweet. They’re pretty classy, but they’re a cowboy’s too.

More: $1,200;; 817-594-1775

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