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5 Pearls of Team Roping Wisdom from Dick Yates

Timeless team roping tips and teachings from the legendary Dick Yates.

Rope Horses

Dakota Kirchenschlager Talks Training Talented Young Rope Horses in New Training Video Series

In his new video series, Kirchenschlager shares information important to ropers training their next horse or talented futurity prospects.

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Leaning in the Box: Quick Fix

In this breakaway roping video, NFR header Brenten Hall explains how he keeps his head horses standing square and leaving flat. Dakota Kirchenschlager


Top Team Ropers Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager Join in New Training Video Series

17-time AQHA World Champion Brad Lund and three-time NFR qualifier Dakota Kirchenschlager are helping more ropers reach their potential in their new series on

Team Roping Tips

Setting Up Your Arena for Well-Adjusted Horses with Dakota Kirchenschlager

According to Dakota Kirchenschlager, tying horses up in your arena will result in a well-adjusted horse:


Ryan Motes’ Step-By-Step Heel Horse Box Work Tips

With more and more people training and riding young horses, it’s important for us to be aware of how we handle those young horses in the box. There are tried-and-true strategies for keeping your young heel horses comfortable and calm in the box that will let you do your job as a heeler and keep your horses working for years to come.

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