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Determination and Success: Randy Lewis, DVM

For heeler Randy Lewis, DVM, becoming a horse doctor wasn’t a choice he made. Instead, it was just a fact of life since as long as he can remember.


Trevor Brazile: There’s No Quick Fixes When Training Horses

There are rarely overnight solutions to training troubles.

Team Ropers

Training Your Team Roping Tot

Parents often raise their children to have similar values, passions, and pastimes as themselves, and team roping parents are no different. If you have a child, chances are that you are in the process of, or planning to, turn him or her into your roping partner. Compared with many sports, a unique aspect of team roping children is they are often taught and coached primarily by parents rather than formal, paid coaches. Coaching children, particularly your own, brings a set of unique challenges. This article will give you ideas for how to coach in a more effective fashion.


Ideal Characteristics in a Breakaway Horse with Lari Dee Guy

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Exclusive Video: Blaine Linaweaver on Taking Your Roping to the Next Level


Horse Camping with Portable Panels and Electric Tape

Tips for making overnight trips with your horse easy, fun and safe using a portable pen. By Sandra Cooke for Practical Horseman magazine.

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