Ideal Characteristics in a Breakaway Horse with Lari Dee Guy

Lari Dee Guy knows what it takes to make a quality breakaway horse. Lari Dee Guy has collected titles in the roping pen since she was 9 years old, and she’s known as one of the greatest breakaway ropers to ever chase a calf. We chatted with her while she was at the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Finals, and she told us what she looks for in a prospective breakaway horse in the first part of our series on the sport.

Small. “Small horses are just easier to see on. And they have a shorter stride, which keeps you aggressive with your rope.”

Quiet. “I want something that really scores quiet. A good start starts out your whole run, and I don’t want them bothered, because they really have to work.”

Short neck. “You can see a calve so much better with a short-necked horse. Their head is out of the way, and it just makes everything easier.”

Lots of run. “It’s not that they have to have a Thoroughbred run. They don’t need to be fast the whole way down the pen. They just need to be quick for 100 yards. It’s the explosive speed out of the box that’s so important.”

Lots of stop. “It’s vital just to help your rope break faster.”

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