Brazile Owns Both Ends of Royal Crown 4-&-Under on Bama Fury and Not White At All
Trevor Brazile won both 4-&-Under divisions at the Royal Crown in Buckeye, Arizona.
Trevor Brazile Not White At All Bama Fury
Trevor Brazile Not White At All Bama Fury

Trevor Brazile is having a banner week at the Royal Crown in Buckeye, Arizona, aboard nearly every horse he hauled to Arizona from Decatur, Texas.

He won both the Royal Crown 4-&-Under Heading on Bama Fury and the 4-&-Under Heeling on Not White At All, continuing to prove that the Relentless Remuda program offers some of the sport’s premier prospects.

“Everybody gets so used to these big jackpots being top loaded, but one thing that’s been really good for all the rope horse futurity stuff is it pays so good all the way through, it keeps a guy from having to do something they might regret on one of these younger horses when third is a natural progression. You don’t feel like you have to go for first on these horses, and as long as they keep the horse in mind, you can take what they give you on any certain day.”

Bama Fury

Bama Fury is by Bamacat, out of the Furyofthewind mare Pops Zoomin Fury, and was bred by the Rice’s Flag Ranch.

The horse won $500 for third place in Round 1, and he won $8,140 for his aggregate win with a score of 501.26.

Bama Fury Trevor Brazile

“We got him as an early 3-year-old, and Miles rode him for the next six months, and I’ve just been playing with him ever since. He’s made a great horse. He’s just a real practical horse. I always have a good feeling in the box. Number one because he scores good. Number two, they never run anything in there that’s too fast for him. That sucker can fly. That’s a good piece of mind at these deals because you don’t have that in the back of your mind, no matter what the setup is. For a big horse, he runs, he gathers surprisingly easy for his size. He always knows where his feet are. You don’t have to question that with him.”

The cool, rainy morning in Arizona put the minds of the young horses to the test, but Brazile said that’s where the horse stood out. Brazile’s partner Miles Baker was high back on The Darkk Side, a new 4-year-old stud the team is rolling out, winning another $7,500 for winning the first round and second in the aggregate with a 500.15.

Not White At All

The Relentless Remuda’s Not White At All was high back in the heeling, but the win wasn’t exactly a given. The fresher steer was on its belly for a step or two across the arena, upping the degree of difficulty on Brazile’s heel shot.

“The steer didn’t handle good, and the horse kept moving through it,” Brazile said. “I thought he handled that with a lot of maturity for a 4-year-old. Through my career, the attribute I liked the most was the scoring, and making them easy to where anybody could ride them. The good ones were just good with me, the great ones are easy and forgiving. And that’s what that horse was right there.”

Brazile was tempted to make Not White At All a calf horse, but the market for team roping horses is so much stronger, Brazile took him in the heel horse direction. They bought him as a 3-year-old from Rachel Olson, started in the reining. His plain sorrel look didn’t deter Brazile from the horse’s exceptional abilities and conformation.

“His talent level is really good across the board,” Brazile explained. “There’s extra of that horse everywhere. He’s a lot of fun to ride because you’re never out of place on him. That extra speed comes in handy.”

Not White At All and Brazile won $8,000 for their aggregate score of 498.93.

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