The Big 3: WSTR, USTRC & NTR
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There’s no shortage of great ropings to hit all winter long in Arizona. But a select few are sanctioned by the sport’s three largest associations: the Ariat World Series of Team Roping, the USTRC and the National Team Roping. These events aren’t just one-and-done deals. Each roping qualifies ropers for events like the $13-million Ariat WSTR Finale in Las Vegas each December, the USTRC’s massive Cinch National Finals of Team Roping in Fort Worth in April and the NTR’s National Finals in March. Plus, with these three associations, the cattle and production are held to rigorous standards that have shaped the industry into the mammoth it is today.

Ariat World Series of Team Roping

• Oct. 7–9, 2022 
Fuller Productions 

• Nov. 11–13, 2022 
Shelley Productions

• Nov. 25–27, 2022 
Shelley Productions

• Dec. 28–31, 2022
Queen Creek 
Shelley Productions

• Jan. 13–15, 2023 
Casa Grande 
Shelley Productions

• Jan. 27–29, 2023  
John English

• Feb. 8–11, 2023 
Yost Events

• Feb. 27–29, 2023 
Vicky Mounyo

• March 31–April 2, 2023 
Fuller Productions

• April 28–30, 2023 
Show Low 
The Roping Company


• April 7–9, 2023 
Shelley Productions

National Team Roping

All held at Rancho Rio in Wickenburg

• Oct. 29, 2022              
AZ Kick-Off

• Nov. 12, 2022              
Fall Fiesta

• Nov. 25–26, 2022         
Black Friday Bash & Ram Truck Roping

• Dec. 17, 2022             
Christmas Classic

• Dec. 30–31, 2022         
New Year’s Celebration
• Jan. 13–14, 2023          
Duel in the Desert & Ram Truck Roping

Jan. 21, 2023                
AZ Saddle Up

Feb. 4, 2023                   
El Presidente

Feb. 17–18, 2023           
AZ Gold Rush

March 1, 2023                  
NTR Finals Warm-up

March 4–11, 2023             
NTR National Finals IX

March 24–25, 2023          
No Wolves

April 8, 2023                   
No Wolves II

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