The Team Roper’s Nutrition Guide

The team roper's guide for feeding a finicky eater and senior feed nutrition facts, plus roping tips from Wesley Thorp and Clay Smith, brought to you by ADM Animal Nutrition.

Finding the nutrition your horse needs is no simple task. It is important to understand what your horse needs to stay on top of their game. In this Extra, brought to you by ADM, you’ll find ideas for feeding a finicky eater and gain a better understanding of senior feeds. Plus, ADM’s World Champion team ropers Wesley Thorp and Clay Smith offer up some best practices.

In our 23rd edition of the TRJ Extra, you’ll receive the following:

• A Guide for Feeding a Finicky Eater

• Wesley Thorp’s Secrets for Scoring with a Loose Rein

• Clay Smith’s Tips for a Successful Delivery

• Information on Feeding Senior Feed

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