CINCH Timed Event Q&A With Cody Doescher
After getting close in 2016, OKC's Doescher is more focused than ever on a Timed Event win.

Cody Doescher went into the final round of the 2016 CINCH Timed Event Championship hot on the heels of Trevor Brazile and Paul David Tierney, but he dropped to fifth after a long run in the steer roping. This year, Doescher is focusing on his bull dogging in ProRodeo and feels more ready than ever to tackle the Ironman of Rodeo.

Did coming close last year make you hungrier than ever for CINCH Timed Event Championship gold this year?

Absolutely. I figured out what speed to go, and how safe to be on the barrier and how much to push and when not to push.

You’re mainly steer wrestling at the ProRodeos this year. Will that help your cause in the Lazy E?

The steers there are so good rhwew. It’s hard to make up time in the steer wrestling. I feel comfortable enough in all of the other events, I can make up time everywhere if I do what I’m supposed to do. I’m not going to take too many low percentage shots and not beat myself.

What horses will you ride?

It’s undecided. I’m going to ride Willy in the bull dogging, and I’m supposed to trip on the dun horse I rode last year but he might be hurt. I’m going to stick to Yeller, the calf horse I rode last year. Steve Orth, who helps me, has a head horse for me to ride.

What advice do you have for Jr. Ironman contestants?

Keep your head clear and stay focused. Don’t beat yourself. Stick to your game, which you know how to do.

What do you think of the Lazy E’s support of the Jr. Ironman?

It’s a great thing to spread out opportunities for kids, to let them know they can do more than one event. Other kids will see these guys doing more than one event, and they’ll want to, too. It helps the sport grow all together. The rodeo world has taken a lot of the true cowboy out of rodeo athletes. And that event showcases the true cowboy. You have to bear down, grit your teeth and do what you need to do regardless of the situation.

Who is hazing for you?

My cousin Cole Barringer. He hazes for me at the rodeos, too. 

What are you most looking forward to about the CINCH Timed Event Championship?

I like cutting loose. I’m looking forward to everything.

There are a lot of Timed Event rookies competing this year. What’s your advice to the newcomers?

You have to stay in your comfort zone. Speed has nothing to do with it. It’s a marathon. You have to stay true to what you know how to do. I know my rookie year, I got outside my comfort zone and tried to press too hard and did terrible. I needed to stick to my guns and I would have been fine.

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