Driggers and Nogueira Win Second ERA in Redmond
Their 4.04-second run was the best of the weekend at the Elite Rodeo Association tour stop in Redmond, Ore.

Kaleb Driggers’ and Junior Nogueira’s all-or-nothing, big-reach, bigger pullback style is a lot of fun to watch, and almost as much fun as the two of them are to be around. Their 4.04-second run bested the field in a tough team roping in Redmond, Ore., at the second night of the Elite Rodeo Association’s tour kick off in the Bank of the Cascades Center. 

For their win, they earned $3,625. 

The rodeo was two separate one-headers, with Derrick Begay and Clay O’Brien Cooper winning the first night and finishing second behind Driggers and Nogueira the next. That’s got Begay and Cooper leading the point standings early on the ERA’s Road to Dallas Premier Tour. Winning a rodeo garners a team 275 points, while second place gets 250. Begay and Cooper have 525, with Chad Masters and Travis Graves and Trevor Brazile and Patrick Smith tied for second and third with 375. Driggers and Nogueira took a no-time Friday night, so they sit fourth with the 275 points they got from winning Saturday. Check full results and standings here.

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