Five-time NFR heeler Ryan Motes and will release a full afternoon’s instruction from one of the $1.4 million heeler’s exclusive roping clinics, filmed at Kerry Kelley’s picturesque arena in Weatherford, Texas, Feb. 26 for members only. 

Motes, who’s won the Bob Feist Invitational, the Lone Star Shootout and trained a PRCA Heel Horse of the Year in CD Starbucks, offers roping clinics every Tuesday and Thursday in Weatherford. Motes’ roping clinics are booked full year-round because of Motes’ exceptional ability to pinpoint challenges and easy-to-understand solutions for both headers and heelers.

“My schools are consistent,” Motes said. “We work on the ground on your swing and your position, then we work on the sled to work on your horse, and then we rope live steers for the last hour and a half to put it all together. If you’re watching at home, you’ll recognize things you’re struggling with in your own roping and see how we address it.”

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Motes has long been a favorite coach on, with multiple series on everything from training futurity horses to mastering your mental game. The American Rodeo and BFI Champion can fine-tune higher-numbered competitors as well as he can trouble-shoot beginners, something you’ll see when watching his clinics.