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Here are the top 5 most-watched team roping videos right now on

Team Roping Videos

1. Introducing Steer Stopping with Brad Lund

17-time World Champion Brad Lund often takes cow horses and reiners and turn them into head and heel horses. In this video, he talks through an entire session on a green horse in the steer stopping. 

Team Roping Videos

2. Full Horseback Dummy Roping Session with Clay Smith

Get into the practice pen at the Pitzer Ranch with two-time World Champion header Clay Smith as he walks a set of ropers of every level through a morning of practice on a ground-driven training dummy horseback.

Team Roping Videos

3. Patrick Smith Businessman’s Heeling and Horsemanship Tune-Up

Two-time World Champion Patrick Smith sold a horse to a successful businessman a few years back, and in this video, Smith talks him through a tune-up in his roping and his horsemanship.

Team Roping Video

4. A Flat Heel Loop with Joseph Harrison

What angle should your loop have to give you the most coverage of the feet? Five-time NFR heeler and three-time ARHFA World Champion Joseph Harrison explains.

Kirby Blakenship

5. Managing the Horse’s Mind After the Run with Lane Ivy and Kirby Blankenship

How you finish your run in the practice pen can affect the way your horse handles the pressure in jackpot situations. NFR Qualifier Lane Ivy and Kirby Blankenship talk through how they like to keep their head and heel horses calm after a run.

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