Did you miss the BFI Week livestream? Roping.com has all the action from the 2024 Bob Feist Invitational and you can watch it anywhere on any device.

From no-crossfire heel shots to the World Champs finally winning on six head to one of the greatest holdouts in all-girl roping, you can watch it all today.

The Feist

On Saturday, March 30, Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira entered up with 124 other teams to compete for more than $600,000 in prize money and the chance to claim the coveted and, thus far, elusive championship title from The Feist. Watch them win their hard-earned victory over six head against wolfy reachers and untethered heelers freed from crossfire regulations.

Kaleb Driggers Junior Nogueira BFI Victory Lap
Driggers and Nogueira make an electric victory lap at the Lazy E Arena after winning the 2024 Bob Feist Invitational and $162,000. | Andersen/CBarC Photography

Hooey Jr. Open

The day prior, Arizona young gun Ketch Kelton took first place for $50,000 and second place for another $25,00 in the Hooey Jr. Open with the equally impressive talents Denton Dunning and Nicky Northcott on the heels, respectively.

Kelton has been cleaning up and is hot off claiming his second Jr. Ironman title at the 2024 Cinch Timed Event Championship, which is also available on demand on Roping.com.

Ketch Kelton heeling at Jr. Ironman
Ketch Kelton earned the 2024 Jr. Ironman championship. RodeoBum/James Phifer photography.

Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl

Jump to the end of the 2024 BFI Week, and fans of women in rodeo got to watch legendary and World Champion ropers alike do battle at one of the greatest holdouts in all-girl event history. The win was seized by reining champs Kenzie Kelton (sister to Ketch) and Whitney DeSalvo, but seeing DeSalvo then win second place heading for Kelsie Domer was a lesson in real roping talent.

Kenzie Kelton and Whitney DeSalvo win the 2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping.
Kenzie Kelton and Whitney DeSalvo win the 2023 Charlie 1 Horse All-Girl Team Roping.

Big BFI Week Payouts

Between the start and finish, ropers gave it their all to cash in on big payouts at the 2024 pay window, and it’s all on demand at Roping.com

DateRopingChampion HeaderChampion HeelerMoney Won
March 28Hooey Jr. #10.5Miles MuellerStetson Springs$60,000
March 29Hooey Jr. OpenKetch KeltonDenton Dunning$50,000
March 29#15.5Spencer MitchellChase Helton$65,000
March 30The FeistKaleb DriggersJunior Nogueira$160,000
March 31#12.5Cole EigurenBirch Eiguren$200,000
April 1#11.5 BusinessmansJoshua BrayDaniel Chartney$160,000
April 1#10.5 over 40Billy VaughtLance Crawford$129,000
April 2#9.5 Over 40Shawn L SullivanJack Morris$125,000
April 2#8.5Justin SteadmanCory Lloyd$65,000
April 3Charlie 1 Horse All-GirlKenzie KeltonWhitney DeSalvo$23,000

Plus, there was breakaway!

Head to Roping.com to watch breakaway’s Macy Young show up and deliver. Plus, you can also spy The Team Roping Journal’s Client Relations Coordinator—our own Kayla Lombardo—coming in hot on Young’s heels at No. 2.

(We’re just a little proud … and if you find yourself watching these gals on repeat, no shame: We’ll be watching right there with you.)

For more action you might have missed, head over to Roping.com and watch the Lone Star Shootout and the Cinch Timed Event Championship, plus, stay tuned for the USTRC Finals streaming April 21-28.

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