gives members exclusive access to full-length, professionally produced roping lessons from the best instructors and competitors in the world. All year, The Team Roping Journal crew has worked double-time to gather the best roping content ever available, and these are the five most popular lessons out now.

We’re adding new courses and coaches every week, so if you don’t see your favorites here, don’t worry. 

Roping Videos

1) Full Lesson with a Standout Junior Rodeo Heeler with Patrick Smith

In this 45-minute lesson, two-time World Champion Patrick Smith works with a junior high rodeo heeler on his swing mechanics on the ground, his horsemanship and loop on the Smarty and his skills on live cattle. Ropers have spent hundreds of hours replaying this video’s instructions. 

Roping Videos

2) Full Ground Dummy-Roping Session with Clay Smith

Two-time World Champion Header Clay Smith flew to Nebraska’s Pitzer Ranch to teach a clinic to a deserving group thanks to Smith’s sponsors at ADM Animal Nutrition, and in this video Smith coaches the group through an hour-long dummy-roping session. 

Roping Videos

3) Steer Stopping on Ex-Reiner with Dakota Kirchenschlager and Brad Lund

Three-time NFR heeler and ARHFA Heading World Champ Dakota Kirchenschlager and 17-time AQHA World Champion Brad Lund talk through a practice session on a young ex-reiner Kirchenschlager has in for training. The horse faces issues with over-bridling, and Kirchenschlager addresses them with consistent cues throughout the lesson. Dakota Kirchenschlager

4) Trouble-Shooting Box Issues with Dakota Kirchenschlager and Brad Lund

Kirchenschlager and Lund’s no-nonsense approach to horse training shines as they talk through an entire session on two on-the-muscle, green horses in the practice pen. They don’t shy away from the good, the bad and the ugly of making horses for the public, making their series deeply relatable to the everyday roper. 

Roping Videos

5) Full Horseback Sled Roping with Clay Smith 

Again shot at the famed Pitzer Ranch, Clay Smith talks a group of ropers of all skill sets through an entire afternoon of sled roping. He addresses loop mechanics, horse position on the head and heel side, as well as practice strategies. 


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