has partnered with RodeoVideo to bring the original Mega Matches into the 21st century, streaming on any device through the app. 

Mega Match I

Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper vs. Bobby Hurley and Allen Bach

The team of Jake Barnes and Clay O’Brien Cooper matching the team of Bobby Hurley and Allen Bach for a marathon of 30 steers each. Three different score lengths, good cattle, good arena with the bottom gate closed…and the best two teams in the world. The lead changed hands several times but never did a team have a lead of more than a few seconds. After 29 steers for each team, the total time was the same…right down to the hundredth of a second. It all came down to the 30th steer! All four ropers share valuable insights between the runs making it a learning opportunity as well. Lots of slo mo. You’ll watch this 80-minute video over and over.

Mega Match II

Matt Tyler and Kory Koontz vs. Steve Purcella and Steve Northcott

Two of the hottest teams in the business in the mid-90s went head-to-head in this grueling 30-steer match. Steve Purcella and Steve Northcott battle it out against Matt Tyler and Kory Koontz. With three different score lengths, excellent cattle and two of the best teams in the world, the ingredients were just right for another history-making mega match. This is also an instructional video with lots of slow-mo, run analysis, strategy and information from these four legends.

Mega Match III

Kevin Stewart and Martin Lucero vs. Trevor Brazile and Wayne Folmer

Timeless talents of Kevin Stewart and Martin Lucero matched a young Trevor Brazile (hot off his first all-around gold buckle, before he was the official King of the Cowboys) and Wayne Folmer in this 30-steer match that you’ve just gotta see to believe. Brazile was on one of the greatest head horses of all time—Calhoon—and, like ALL Mega Matches, this one was down-to-the-wire.

Mega Match IV

Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz vs. Matt Sherwood and Cory Petska

Shot in 2010, the fourth and final Mega Match pitted the then-young guns Derrick Begay and Cesar de la Cruz against two-time World Champ Matt Sherwood and future-World Champ Cory Petska. Rodeo Video shot the all-Arizona match in Gallup, New Mexico, in front of a live crowd with a red-rock background you’ve just got to see.